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    It’s all in the title! Videos and images are welcome.

    I’ll open with Crowfall (incoming MMO, say – it’s IGN Wiki) – I’m a huge fan of massive battles and sieges, and medieval fantasy freak too. Here is a couple of videos (early tests, have mercy!):

    Confessor (ranged fire DPS):

    Ranger (stealth, traps), some messy PvP:


    I’m massively hyped for Uncharted 4… huge fan of the action adventure genre.

    Have been since I first played Tomb Raider on my swanky new Diamond Monster 3D II Voodoo 2 3Dfx card back in the day….


    Not a game, but AMD’s Polaris and nVidia’s Pascal are sounding like they will be amazing. More memory, more bandwidth and way better performance while also being more efficient is really exciting. My HD 7850 is starting to show it’s age, so I’m lining up a GPU upgrade around Christmas maybe.


    Another one likely flying under many radars – new Pathologic, the sequel (last time I checked, release was scheduled for this November):

    I also enjoyed watching some artwork on their site, thou these are certainly not for everyone’s taste.


    After the last couple of videos I’m buzzing for No Man’s Sky! From the comments here on TSA it seems to have torn the community, you’re either widely excited or just meh what’s the fuss about why’s it so expensive. Personally I love how they’ve revealed the cleverness of the maths, the inspirations, the art style and the lore in such an enthusiastic way, to me it seems like a really geeky game for real geeks. Hopefully there is a good space opera buried in the exploration and hopefully it’s delivered in an interesting way, not just pages of text. I also think it looks wonderful and sounds even better with its healthy dollop of 65 Days of Static…


    Looking forward to the Fallout 4 expansion and maybe No Man’s Sky… thats all I can think of besides The hopeful revival of Thesixthaxis. ;)


    Nice one James for that Pathologic vid looks really interesting. I’m so hyped for No Man’s Sky, so much so that I pre ordered the limited edition from game.

    Also have my pre order down for PSVR for me this is the next step in the gaming evolution, really looking forwar to that.


    After having an, admittedly brief, turn in the Overwatch Beta last night I’m hugely hyped for it.

    But I think I’m gonna get Uncharted 4 first play through that and then get Overwatch….


    Speaking of No Man’s Sky – it will be a good game, but the hype level is oh-so-high…

    Here is another indie, Chronicles of Elyria. It’s a strange medieval fantasy MMORPG with marriages/kids/aging/death/reincarnation through family and bloodlines, plus paying some kind of “sub per life” (one should last 4 to 12 months) plus couple more not-so-standard features such as justice system and hierarchy – it means that one can play the game as king or thief/criminal or soldier or mother or…anything inbetween!?!

    There is more info in their Kickstarter link ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulboundstudios/chronicles-of-elyria-epic-story-mmorpg-with-aging ) and this is very early footage:


    Sherlock Holmes: The Evil’s Daughter!


    Here’s another one, from the very top of my !HYPE!meter: Camelot Unchained (PvP/building/crafting MMORPG – say, IGN Wiki for quick intro). Building is 100% free form, here’s some player made footage from alpha tests:

    …many, many hours later:

    Tool he was using is C.U.B.E. and it will be improved a lot, this is alpha test example. Buildings can be destroyed – unless you build offline or in starting zones BUT there will be siege windows (time for destruction) and it should take big number of players and siege engines.

    Also, access to game now is kinda expensive, but they will have open beta (free tests) in 2017, right before launch.

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