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    Thought I’d re-start this seeing as I used to comment a lot.

    I’m currently enjoying Tearaway on Vita – such a fun and amusing game. Being the sun is strangely enjoyable.

    On PS4 I’m sticking to CoD over Killzone since I think I’ll play the latter for longer, so figured I’d try and get Ghosts finished first. The killstreaks are really nicely balanced and achievable which is good, and the maps seems to be good (apart from a few). Extinction seems well thought out and not tacked on too. Not tried Squads yet.

    On PS3 I plan to return to platinum Dishonored, and will be playing GTA 5 Online for a bit each week, even if it is hard to level up now after all the RP reductions following patch 1.06.

    Greg Turner

    I’m still making my way through GTA V – absolutely loving it but not rushing to get it through it. Also Ghosts, which I’m not that impressed with so far.

    On Vita I have Tearaway installed, just need to start it!


    Are you referring to Ghosts’ single player? I’m finding it terribly dull and boring, not just the “story” but the levels are rather poor too. However, I’m holding onto the fact that Tef (I think) said in the review that the first third of the game was the worst – hopefully it’ll improve. Luckily multiplayer and it’s various modes are really good though.

    (Also, are you playing on PS4? Don’t suppose you fancy playing some Extinction at some point – am looking for a TSA party of 4?)

    Greg Turner

    Sadly I’m still on PS3 mate otherwise I would’ve done.

    Yeah I only really play the campaign of COD – sounds crazy compared to everyone else but I find the campaign and then 4 or 5 hours of online is cool for me.

    I’m about a third of the way through the campaign and it’s been fun in places but the dialogue is terrible!

    I usually play Battlefield online. Though I’m waiting to get it on PS4, when I nab one!


    Stick with it for Ghosts SP, the last half and last quarter of the game are especially good! The ending is great too; ridiculous, but great!

    I wouldn’t say it’s quite as good as the SP’s from COD4 + MW2, but it’s definitely up there, and nice to see IW starting a fresh story outside the MW universe.


    Playing through quite a few games with advent of the PS4. NBA 2K14 and Need For Speed Rivals, also bits of Resogun and Contrast.

    Finding the MyPlayer mode on NBA 2K14 kind off annoying tbh, it really reminds me of the old school WWF(it was still called that then) games that try and force random events in the game.


    Nice one Youles it needed adding, I wondered when you might find the forums, we were sworn to secrecy :P
    I’m still last genning for the time being but have had access to a relatives PS4 so I’ve had a few goes on Resogun….my kinda game, and will try out Killzone soon. It’s all shiny!!


    Hype for resogun made me want to go collect all my SSDHD trophies so Ive been doing that! Just need the ten times multiplyer and thats me :)


    Wooo the forums are back, at the moment I’m making the most of my week off and playing GTA V, and Splinter Cell Blacklist and Ratchet & Clank Nexus.

    GTA V is proving to be pretty fantastic, wasn’t fully convinced by the three characters idea but it adds a nice bit of variety and non linearity.

    Of the three though I think i’m most enjoying RC Nexus. Its just so charming and a good ol’classic fun platformer.


    @freeze – I think it was kept from me…some posts say they were made a few days ago but I’m sure I checked and they weren’t working, lol…I guess I needed to give everyone else a go before I abuse them :)

    @gazza – thanks for the heads-up, I will certainly be sticking with Ghosts SP, I’m trying to do a level or two each time before I session the MP!


    ‘Ello, all!

    Lovely to have a bit more life in the new forum. :-)

    I’ve been slapping the red-stung buttocks of GTA V something rotten. I realised that three play throughs of State of Decay was plenty and GTA V was looking at me with puppy-dog eyes. Next? I think Puppeteer and Rain (PSN games). Something really different there, I feel.


    I forgot to mention. Just finished the single player campaign on GTA V last weekend but up to level 55 or so online as I have some lovely TSA mates to enjoy it with. Just a few of us but that’s all you need for top, top fun. We barely race or do the missions. We just bugger about for hours and laugh ourselves silly.


    Well I grabbed Assassin’s Creed IV as something of a time filler, but nothing prepared me for how spectacularly good this game is. I can definitely say it’s the best open world game I’ve ever played (Saints Row 3 co-op notwithstanding). If someone had decided to make a standalone pirate game from the ground up I don’t think they could have done better. I enjoyed the AC format in the second game, but it’s the ship that elevates this game to another level. Plus Edward Kenway is brilliant, despite being Welsh!

    Now I’m contemplating the platinum, almost clocked the single player and done all the collectibles, but there’s a multiplayer trophy that looks like a hassle so it might never happen.


    Been playing bits an bobs bit of Ghosts and a bit of Battlefield also tried a bit of Killzone and had my arse propper kicked lol,erm a bit of Resogun and NFS Rivals a match or two of Fifa,started Assassins Creed Black Flag and the first bit of Lego Marvel but mostly been playing the overly slated (in my and R1M’s opinion) Knack and on my second play through enjoyed it,basically I’ve been all over the PS4’s launch line up ;D


    I am playing Need For Speed Rivals and have completed it, now its just a grind fest towards the Platinum!
    I have played Battlefield 4 and got all the Multiplayer trophies and will start Campaign soon. Half way through on Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Multiplayer and had an hour of Single Player. been playing Killzone Multiplayer for hours and have not started Campaign yet!

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