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    PS4 is here!

    PSN: zander14rfc


    PS4 wise…

    Completed the campaign on Killzone Shadow Fall – overall a good game, thought some of the early levels were a bit confusing and poor, but enjoyed it as it progressed. Also completed Contrast, overall a good/different game though some absolutely terrible bugs in it (one where I actually had to reload a previous chapter!).

    Played a fair bit of Resogun too and got a reasonable score on Rookie, going to try the next difficulty level – very fun game. Dabbled with a bit a DCUO as well, got my healer to level 11 but not played it much since. Was a fan of the PC version and quite impressed with the PS4 translation though its having the time to play a MMO.

    Finally played a fair bit of Need for Speed Rivals – really love this game, think I’m up to rank 19 or 20 not long till I unlock the McClaren :D

    PS Vita wise, I’ve played a bit of Tearaway, I’m at 70% completed – such a good game, really makes me smile when I play it, some really clever level designs.

    Finally only up to world 4 on Mario 3D on the Wii U, its great but I’ve been playing more with the shiny new PS4 :D


    Nice one Youles. Very pleased to have the forums back.

    I’ve been hammering Kingdoms of Amalur, so much so that the platinum snuck up on me and I had it almost without realising – what a superb game. So many different environments and enemies, and the lore is pretty cool too.

    Guacamelee has been getting some love on the Vita, very amusing to play and surprisingly challenging in parts!

    Also, a bit of Killzone and FIFA 14 on the PS4.


    Guacamelee has been a brilliant game so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

    I’ve also been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 and I’m trying to get the Modern Warfare 3 Platinum but I’m trying to stay on the right side of sanity with the Veteran campaign difficulty.

    Killzone Mercs is still waiting too but every time I play it my fingers are magically drawn to the multiplayer. I can’t say some of the contracts are very appealing to be honest. I think I have something like 7000 kills racked up, with 2500 of them in single player. I was heading for the best match results screenshot on Warzone when I had fended off 4 players on my own (rambo-style) and had earned 69 warzone points and 70 kills in a single match. Unfortunately the game disconnected me one minute before match end. I swore a lot after that.


    Completed Resogun on Experienced yesterday, gonna start working on veteran now for the trophies :)

    Also having a lot of fun with FIFA online Seasons


    Recently platted Resogun so I’m working on completing Killzone: Shadow Fall on Hard difficulty now… Up to chapter 9 so far. Anyone else find the levels very long winded?

    Aside from that I’m trying to find someone decent to play Ghosts\Extinction on PS3 with so I can get the plat, flitting between PS3 and 4 for Ghosts multiplayer (depending on which of my friends are online), and then might start Ghosts on Veteran on PS4 for the trophies…!


    Just finished the campaign on CoD Ghosts on PS4 – it is the WORST CoD single-player to date, utter gash. Poor characters, awful script, shit story, boring levels (apart from maybe 3), even boring set-pieces for a CoD game. Fortunately it was pretty short and not too challenging on Veteran. I’m not a CoD hater either, I generally prefer them to BF and I’ve 100%’ed all the previous ones apart from Blops2, but this one bored me to tears. Thankfully the multiplayer, Squads and Extinction are good.

    – please feel free to add me on PSN if you fancy playing Extinction on PS4? I should have all the SP trophies done tonight so I’m going to be working on the Extinction trophies. Myself, Teflon and McProley plan to have some games soon and could do with a reliable 4th person :)


    Been playing through the Killzone:SF single player campaign (loving the dualshock 4 sticks, its like they were made for FPS’s), along with NFS:Rivals, which is cool, but I’m having a hard time liking it as much as Most Wanted. Not sure why tho. Also, getting into Resogun when I only have 5 mins or so..

    Vita-wise, I’m into Guacameelee atm. Totally ignored it when it first came out, but now its probably my most played Vita game.. Its amazing what ‘free’ does for you.

    Finally, just getting into Saints Row IV on PC (which I can only play for about 25mins due to a glitchy graphics chip). I completely bounced off the previous games in the series, but I’m really liking this.

    I’m feeling quite diversified.. :)


    I ma working my way through the Killzone SF campaign (nearly finished) and hammering the multiplayer – its the best KZ to date and the multiplayer is excellent fun! (feel free to add me for party/games – WeAreTheLeeches).

    I can only seem to concentrate on one campaign at a time so I have sunk about 2 hours into AC4 and Lego Marvel but waiting to beat KZ before venturing further.

    Just started Resogun on Veteran after finishing rookie…I am missing out experienced and going straight into veteran.

    what ship are people using, I am preferring the nemesis at the moment (the faster one) as I use boost way more than overdrive….Anyone else?


    Well since getting my PS4, accordingly to the bf4stats site I’ve put 50 hours into the multiplayer of Battlefield 4 – Taking last week off work helped. Somewhere in between that I’ve managed to get a few games of FIFA 14 in and managed to complete Resogun and now going to try it on the harder levels. I’ve given BF4 a break the last couple of days as I traded in KZ SF (as I found it boring) for AC Black Flag. I was avoiding AC Black Flag at first as I didn’t think I’d enjoy the pirate thing but I was wrong. I’m enjoying plundering ships more than the main campaign itself.
    Overall, I think BF4 on the PS4 is looking spectacular & not sure why people have been moaning about the graphics. I prefer the visuals over KZ and AC. I think ‘Rush’ mode will keep me busy for at least a year.


    Moving quickly through FIFA 14 and it’s simple trophy list at the moment. I could use a hand on the Pro Clubs though – not many have it on PS4…

    Also, I finished Guacamelee last night, having collected everything explored every inch! Great game. Now to go back and complete it on hard.


    Been stuck on playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and it is awesome and will be continuing to playing the story for days. :D


    Finished all the single-player trophies on CoD Ghosts apart from one…saving it for the last one (don’t like having an online trophy before the plat in case it glitches or something). Just going to continue playing Extinction to unlock the better gear and perhaps go for some of the trophies that are easier to get solo.

    Also been playing a chapter of Tearaway during lunch breaks – wonderful little game!

    May fire up Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer for the first time this evening!


    Finally finished KZ Shadow Fall on Hard and got most of the single player trophies… Played a bit of COD Ghosts on Extinction last night with a bunch of randoms and got to hive 12 before 2 of them quit – argh!! The 2 of us remaining were subsequently doomed :-(
    Other than that, I’ve just bought Sound Shapes – pretty fun so far :-)


    @Lyts1985 – fancy some Extinction tonight? I should be online from about 7:45pm-10:15pm?

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