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    Oh nice, yeah I usually buy my games from Amazon actually but I stumbled across this website that always seems to have pretty cheap deals on games. But they don’t really do indie games which is a little issue for me but otherwise pretty good for the mainstream stuff! https://www.pricedropdonkey.com/cheap-entertainment/computer-video-games-deals


    Tried playing the Vice City re-release for PS4 but just find the button configuration utterly awful, time has really moved on. Will have more attempts but as leisure time is of the essence decided to start Uncharted 3 instead…..good so far, not reached any of the pointless and inane tosh parts yet. :o


    Having just finished and platinumed (#98) Life Is Strange, I’ve finally made a starting on The Last of Us Remastered which I hope will be my 100th platinum. I had previously done all the multiplayer trophies – which reminds me, had some of the best online multiplayer sessions with ThreeLions, Crazy_Del and Scuba_Steve (among others from TSA). Those were the days! To be honest the game looked so damn good on PS3, that I’m not really impressed with the PS4 visuals – they’re really not that better. Perhaps the frame-rate is much improved, I don’t remember (it was certainly noticeably better in multiplayer). As such I’m not finding much use for the photomode itself, although I’m still taking quite a few screen-shots as I thought I would! Such a fucking good game. I’ve gone straight for Grounded mode and am going to try and do all the collectables, jokes, conversations, shiv doors all in one run. I’ve played it through enough times (6) on PS3 that I should be good for the challenges. If I can knock out all those trophies on the first run I can speed-run the New Game+ playthrough!

    Still waiting for the final episode of Minecraft Story Mode to be released, which apparently could be another 3-4 weeks! I had planned for that to be platinum number 99!

    Co-op wise I’m having weekly Zombie sessions in Black Ops 3 (new Awakening DLC), trying to learn how to upgrade the final bows with a view to attempting the main Easter Egg! I also played a little of The Following (Dying Light DLC) with Tef and John, which we will hopefully resume this evening! Seems good although the frame-rate when driving the buggy is rather, er, poo! It’s a great game though so am looking forward to more co-op fun!


    @Youles I thought I’d try a bit of the same on UC3 remastered re: grab all the collectibles on a crushing run through but succumbed to just playing the story through and picking up the shiny’s if they are on route. Alas I’ll go back using chapter select later for them.

    I can’t believe how engrossing the game has been so far and what a masterful job has been done with all of the remasters in all departments, astounding job by Naughty and Bluepoint. The game has matured well, I’ve found it a far better experience this second time around.
    The only real wtf? has been the desert walk of oblivion, otherwise sublime.

    Only a few chapters away from the conclusion now…. just about to start the Horsey level…. Aintree? :P


    @freeze – I have the same concerns to be honest, I worry that I’ll get to one bit where a collectable is placed as such that it’s too tough to reach. However, apart from the conversations, jokes and shiv doors – I’m pretty sure the collectables stack across playthroughs on TLOU (although it’s recommended you save on the same file or it can be a bit glitchy). So it’s possible I might be able to try again when Joel and his weapons are a bit more upgraded on NG+! It’s so rare I can play a game through so many times and not get bored – whether it’s luck or coincidence, there’s just the perfect balance of cutscenes-to-gameplay, level size/length, and combat/searching/stealth sections.

    That’s good to hear you’re enjoying the Unchartered Trilogy again, I’ve got it but haven’t made a start on it yet! It’ll be good to play them through again!


    Yep, you should be okay with the collectables across saves, that’s how it worked with UC re-mastered by said Naughty Hound.

    I’d reached the end of the train level in UC2 where I had to face that train boss Crushing and thought
    ‘balls, I don’t have any grenades for the bitch’ so I chose to restart the level via chapter select on a new save so I could accumulate all of the said ammo for the end, then just carried on with that particular save until endgame. The Crushing playthrough trophy still popped along with all of the collectables and weapon achievements from the save before chapter select.

    Probably could have explained that better, but yup all achievements and collected items across different saves do seem to carry over with ND games.


    Been painting and decorating the whole house…. yes I said the whole house. Living Room done, Guest Room done, Gaming Room (almost) and the Hall done! Whew so exhausted. Before decorating been playing Borderlands Pre-Sequel (PS4) with B_Cambo and we have completed the game and all side missions apart from just 1 last side mission and big thanks to R1MJAW for helping out which only took like 5mins which was fast as he was Rank 70 while we were Rank 30/31 ^^
    Just mopping up and grinding to reach Rank 50 on Vault Hunter Mode and to obtain some missable trophies along the way.
    Picked up Street Fighter V (Thanks to the wife as I deserved it for painting the house =D )
    Loving Street Fighter although dissapointed that there is no Arcade fight with the last boss and the story is really poor as their is no animation was hoping it to be like Mortal Kombat. I think £49.99 is too much for Street Fighter as it lacked contents and characters and knowing it will have DLC as Capcom have already announced their will be no Super/Ultra Street Fighter…. I feel the game should have been £30 since the season pass is £25
    Struggling Raneed matches due to ridiculous of spamming!!! Hadoken and then Uppercut then defend and wait for time to run out
    (-_-) fun!
    Still yet to play are Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3 and Game of Thrones


    Been playing The Division most of the weekend along with a whopping 6 hours of Borderlands 2 with Blast71 (don’t where the time flies). I’m well and truly RPG’ed out, but it’s been good fun.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who calls The Division another Destiny or Watch_Dogs knows zero about the game and has probably only played the first mission. Sad, but true. Here’s a bit of the good stuff.


    I agree mate, and the model isn’t even like Destiny’s either – it’s just got 3 “regular” expansions planned like a lot of games, there isn’t some 10-year plan. I think it’s going to be my favourite game since TLOU. Speaking of which…

    I completed TLOU last night for the 7th time (6 times on PS3) and I’m still not bored of it! I started on Grounded mode so I can get the 2 Grounded (DLC) trophies without having to do additional playthroughs. I was very conservative with ammo etc early on so the final stages were a breeze, and I didn’t use a Medikit the entire playthrough (although picked up and consumed a few snack bars here and there to replenish my health). I also avoided using Medikits at some stages as I knew it was going to be the end of a certain point in the game, and I’d be given full health at the start of the new chapter. I also got all the collectables, shiv doors, jokes, conversations etc done on my first playthrough so I can pretty much speed through my Grounded+ playthrough. However I do need to do some scavenging so that I can fully upgrade Joel and all the weapons….otherwise I’ll have to continue into a 3rd playthrough!

    My plan is to do the Left Behind DLC, then start my Ground+ playthrough. Then before the end I’ll probably go back and finish the Dying Light The Following DLC whilst I wait for the final episode of Minecraft: Story Mode to be released. Once that’s out I’ll play that and get platinum number 99, the finish off TLOU for my 100th platinum!

    Think I’m going to get PvZ Garden Warfare 2 for my birthday at the end of March, therefore I can pretty much play a month of The Division non-stop when it’s released…and chip away at some Black Ops 3 zombies.

    I’m looking forward to the Driveclub Bikes’ DLC coming out today, and will be nice to play Hitman GO! on the Vita.

    I also got on the Trackmania Turbo beta so will give that a whirl this since it’s only on until Friday.


    Ooh, very jealous of the Trackmania beta mate! Is that on PC? How is it? I preordered straight away, I wasted weeks on United when I was at uni. How’s progress on TLoU?

    I’ve found myself in a bit of a lull, waiting for Trackmania next month but not having the drive to play much except Battlefront. Has anyone played Rayman Legends? I picked that up recently for cheap, loved Origins, for some reason can’t really be arsed to start it.


    @ron – I really enjoyed Trackmania (beta), it’s a sold arcade racer (of sorts). Visually it’s nice too – I even struggled going back to Driveclub afterwards, it certainly seemed to be the case that TM was running at 60fps and Driveclub at 30fps, so it hurt my eyes.

    Personally I think Trackmania would be best as a PS+ game. Similarly to Rocket League, I think it will otherwise get overlooked by a lot of people who would actually really enjoy it! Also, the bigger the community the more community tracks there will be – which is where it’ll be at it’s best I’m sure.

    As for TLOU, I’ve taken a break and decided to restore my Driveclub Bikes 100% trophies by completing this weeks’ DLC, and will also probably do the same with Dying Light (The Following DLC) before doing my final run on TLOU.


    Been barely touched PS4/Xbox 1 for a week due to a nasty virus. Getting a bit better now and have been playing Gears of War Multiplayer, Street Fighter V as I have nabbed a few trophies and selling the game tomorrow! Started on Uncharted 3 Remaster yesterday evening and currently on Chapter 10 which is my favourite level ^^ but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I am watching footy in few mins.
    All my friend list is full of The Division…. must be a great game I guess but sadly not for me.


    I thought that Chapter 11 was probably the best with all of the puzzle levels to solve although 10 seems to merge into 11 seemlessly as though it was a part of the same Chapter.
    Many great Chapters throughout the game anyway, enjoy dude ;)


    @freeze – Chapters 10 and 11 are puzzles. Chapter 12,13 and 14 are Boat combats and 15 onwards is the plane and desert.
    Chapter 10 onwards is my favourite sections of the game. Currently on Chapter 20 now and will complete it tonight and get the Platinum tomorrow afternoon.
    Cannot wait for Uncharted 4 xD


    Currently playing Mad Max. Really have been enjoying it but I think I’m barely half way through and it’s definitely starting to get a bit tedious. So Max is fully upgraded clothing wise, he is Road Warrior level and I have a few archangels. Can’t really see it getting any more interesting from here really. Anyone want to correct me? Plus, those scavenging locations? Over 200? Really? Ridiculous decision especially since they give you such little scrap.

    Oh and if my game glitches like some people out there, I will not be impressed!

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