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    @kjkg – Mad Max is good with combat and vehicles and the gameplay etc…. but so bad on repetitive missions/stronghold ridiculous large scrap collectibles. So basically you are fully upgraded but to go for the Plat you have to do the challenges and there are tons of them the add collectibles to it!!!
    Sadly mine is glitched with just 2 remaining scraps and it will not appear on map and a container that will never open! Don’t think there will be a patch since the Devs are so well focused on Just Cause 3.

    I have been playing Trackmania Turbo and loving it!
    Might start Ratchet and Clank Q Force and I thought I had played it…… lol


    Recently finished building my new gaming rig and thought I would get Rise of the Tomb Raider to test it out.

    Man is it an amazing game! The graphics are jaw dropping, the story is a bit meh but the game play is superb. The only thing I wish they had improved was the number of NPC enemies models. When you in a cut scene and you can see 3 of the exact same hench men in a scene its a bit jarring…

    Although I suppose they could just be evil evil triplets….


    What specs is your new rig fillip? Got any tasty screenshots to share?


    I was on the Trackmania Turbo train and loving it, but then DiRT Rally came out and consumed my life! Can’t stop rallying, saving up monies, then buying new cars and engineers. The daily, weekly and monthly challenge system is implemented in such a great way, it really adds depth. However, on the flip side, whilst the cars, sounds, visuals and track design are mega, I wish for more. Colour me entitled, there’s a serious rally game again, and one on consoles, whoop! But, a few more rallycross tracks and another hill climb track would not go amiss.

    Had a quick go on MXGP2 too, although DiRT is the priority. Anyone else played it? It’s much tougher than the first MXGP game!


    Hi i recently found a deal for Dark Souls 1&2 and was wondering if anybody can help me beat the first hugh beast i face. Sad i know but cant find anyway past. Any help would be greatful


    Exactly the same as Tomhlord except for MXGP2 loving DiRT Rally and was very confident on Rally Cross and currently on Professional. Struggling the Clubman Rally and tempted to forfeit to start again with a different class vehicle but unsure if that puts me back to Open Championship (Relegation) Have not yet to try Hillclimb event. Need to continue Rallycross and Online weekly, daily events haven’t tried monthly due to not buying the right car for it.
    Had another great TSA Meets last night was brilliant fun as usual ^^


    DiRT Rally update: Rally on Professional (Yet to start), Rallycross on Elite (Yet to start), Won FIA World Rallycross Championship and lastly stuck on Hillclimb Open Championship as cannot complete the race!!! So hard and the turns are very tricky to pull since it goes quite slow and I know I won’t complete the race under a certain time (Green times)
    Any tips for the Hillclimb?
    Going to start Elite Rallycross on Monday. (Maybe tomorrow but probs be drunk from watching Old Firm xD lol)


    Still playing DiRT Rally completed all except for the Hillclimb still stuck on Open Championship lol.
    Reached Ranked 100 on Gears of War and also reached over 10,000 kills but sadly no Achievement :(
    Also played Gears of War 4 Beta and nearly Ranked 20….. can’t wait to play this game in October.
    Also not long for Uncharted, Doom and Homefront xD


    Lots coming out but only one preorder for me, which is No Man’s Sky! Not sure whether to change to the limited edition, the art book and comic could be amazing. Anyone else gonna get it?

    I’m playing Life is Strange and I’m loving it. For a teen drama it’s surprisingly engaging, it’s like a game version of Garden State in the way it cranks up the melancholy and at times I’ve been so drawn in that the terrible choices seem quite harrowing, to the point that I like you’ve got the option to do horrible things but I can’t bring myself to do them. The end of episode 3 and start of 4 have genuinely gripped me, I think the writers took great advantage of the format to really slow down the story and let you properly absorb what’s happened. It’s so good, I can’t praise it enough, I’ve got an episode and a half to go but I really don’t want it to be over!


    Really struggling to get top 3 finish with a 2010 Vehicle for the Trophy. Always get 4th/5th finish….. slightly worried as I had assists off for the 12 stages trophy and have forgotten what the settings was before I turned them all off.
    only 8 trophies left for the Platinum….. last trophy will be the Monthly Online Challenge. The only other struggle is the Hillclimb Championship.
    Cannot wait for Uncharted 4, when the game arrives I am not going out… not watching films/TVS or whatever life throws at me…. I’ll be in the gaming room all week long xD


    Been playing Uncharted 4, DiRT Rally and Doom (after completing Uncharted) I have obtained all 3 Platinum in this month alone. All 3 fantastic games! Currently playing Table Top Racing: World Tour and have finally returned to Trackmania Turbo since I was so focused on DiRT Rally. Also got a few to play/start with the likes of Zombi, MGS: Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain.


    My entire gaming life has been reduced to Overwatch. Before it was mainly Hearthstone. I think I will be playing Overwath for the next 6 months, at least. I dont even have the time to game smth else honestly. Mostly work at the hospital, get home, eat, vegetate at a movie and sleep. Weekends are reserved to recuperate and travel home.


    playing Call of Duty because I sort of missed it haha
    and Im also playing Dragon Encounter on my phone when Im at work :)


    I’M BACK!!!!!! Been a hectic 2016 so far, and as such my gaming has decreased a lot, mostly as I’m going to the gym when I can instead. I’m currently down from 14.5 stone to 12 stone since mid-March, go me! (I’m 6 ft 2 so a healthy weight now for my height now, according to that BMI thingy). Although there are no trophies for such an achievement.

    Anyway, back to gaming…I’ve solely been concentrating on DiRT Rally, unless friends are online – in which case it’s a little bit of Black Ops 3 co-op campaign (Veteran difficulty, no deaths) and The Division.

    I managed to get all the “finish in the top tier of XXX daily event” trophies, and only have one MP/online trophy left to get which is just to finish the last 6 stages of this months’ Monthly event. I won a championship on Masters difficulty – MUCH easier after fully upgrading a vehicle (thanks for the advice Del!) – so now it’s just a case of completing 5 Championships really with various classes of vehicles. Oh, and the FIA Rally Cross championship. It’s a good game, although tough at time, so will be a nice plat.

    Once DiRT is done I have a bit of DLC to do for various games (nothing too troubling), then I’m going to start PvZ Garden Warfare 2 and Uncharted 4 single player (I’ve done the MP trophies). I also want to finish off the platinum for Table Top Racing: World Tour and play TellTale’s Game of Thrones (another easy plat!).


    @Youles Welcome back bud ;)
    Alert, do not allow updates for TTR world tour to download as they have patched out the wide bits of track that allow you to get those stupid drift challenge high scores….1,000,000 points? really?
    I’ve given up on that platinum for this very reason as I stupidly allowed the updates to download.
    Donuts! Oh wait…you can’t do donuts in TTR anymore :P

    Other than that tidbit, I’ve blasted through the Mech Land Assault DLC for Just Cause 3 which was bloody awesome ;)

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