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    Cheers freeze! :)

    Oh really, can’t you just delete the game, re-download it and then stop/pause the updates?


    I’m pretty sure that the way it works with digitally downloaded games is that each patch released gets secured to the original game therefore rendering any new download of the game an up to date latest version.
    I do stand to be corrected if this is not how it works but this is my understanding of how it all fathoms out @:-o


    Been playing Super Exploding Zoo and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel….. got the plats for both and have recently started Gone Home.
    Wanted to start playing the PS Plus freebies before grabbing Dues Ex on launch day….. so I have time to kill xD
    Also big thanks to R1M and Pixel for helping me out on Borderlands ^^
    I have also downloaded Little Deviants and it has only 2 online trophies and looking for folks who has that gane to help out trophy hunter so I can reach my goal – 300th Platinum ^^


    Would anyone be up for a GTA V meet this weekend? I’m thinking of trying to make use of the free PS+ thing.


    Sorry Gaz, only just seen this! I’d have been up for some Heists with you. Let me know if you get Plus at some point and I’ll join in for sure! ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 736 through 740 (of 740 total)
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