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    I know this is a gaming site but wouldn’t it be cool of we randomly do film reviews too, doesn’t have to be new film, can be old one to recommend people to watch… Also please avoid spoilers

    I recently watched FARGO, by the brilliant Cohen brothers & the film was absolutely good even though it’s an old film that looks like a channel 5 movie, you couldn’t help but be drawn into it & also it was hard to believe that it is based on a true story.

    Last week, I went to watch TRANSFORMERS, I loved it & thought it was by far the strongest one in the series & the best one to date, I loved the characters in it & thought the human & bot bad guy was both brilliant.

    Today went to watch dawn of the apes & I must say so far film of the year, if we did something like game of the year award on films, this film would pretty much be the winner, if you haven’t seen it go watch it. Koba is by far the best in the film & deserves an oscar!

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    What’s Mark Wahlberg like in Transformers? I like most of his films but occasionally find ones where he isn’t really suited for it.

    I saw 22 JUMP STREET last week, which I enjoyed. I wouldn’t say it was as good as 21, but I think I enjoyed that so much because I wasn’t really expecting it to be anything special, and then it was a great surprise when I found it hilarious. 22 was still good, especially as it didn’t take itself seriously at all, and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill still have great chemistry between them.


    Smokey and the Bandit, timeless classic that I saw again recently and laughed like a daft bugger. Don’t know if the sequels(s) were up to much but the first is a cracker.


    World War Z

    Great movie, unique take on zombies which was refreshing, some great action and at points the sense of scale and amounts of zombies is phenomenal. Highly recommend it is watched. Now available on the US Netflix (not checked UK one)

    Went to watch Dawn of the planet of the apes, which whilst not as good as the first one (Of the newer ones) is still a great film, the key apes personality are very well portrayed – My only gripe was the subtitles sign language most the time when the apes are talking to each other, if i am remembering right (hope i am, it was 2 days ago) it was a crappy yellow text, it just bugged me that it seemed so much like a foreign film with English subs, and as though the sub titles were not intended to be there. I recommend this is watched also.

    The new transformers i wasted money on, i hated all the others and don’t know why i thought this would be much different (Though it is the best of the lot) good action scenes, poor story, once they finally got to the robotic dinos i was massively let down as there was little back story to them (just referred to as “The Legends”). If you liked the others in any way then it is worth a watch, otherwise I wouldn’t bother


    I am still to watch 22 jump street as I loved the first one & I think this film showed that that other dude that ain’t Jonah hill can be funny without getting naked all the time.

    Smokey & the bandit, haven’t seen that film for ages, used to come on all the time on itv or channel 5 along with the gremlins, those were the days.

    dawn of the apes is way by a margin better than the first one, I thought the way the build the 2 main apes was brilliant & went to show that different environment you raised on can reflect on your emotions & actions. Yeh the subtitles was annoying as hell, could been other colour then yellow


    Good to hear your opinions on transformers! The reviews have mostly been negative, I really wanted to see it in IMAX 3D but held off, still not convinced I need to go as I hate wasting money at the cinema.

    Talking of which, I saw Godzilla a few weeks ago. While it was good entertainment for a few hours and the monsters and special effects were incredible, by and large it felt impersonal and occasionally too cheesy. By that I mean that the characters were fleshed out enough to make it obvious that the film was character driven, but not enough to make them seem complete. The cheesiness came from Godzilla making sustained eye contact with a few characters, which just seemed too much. Mostly impressive, worth a punt on blu-ray, not worth the price of a cinema ticket.


    Ron, it is the strongest transformers in the series, it’s not as bad as the other 3.

    Godzilla felt like it wasn’t a Godzilla film as we didn’t see much of him in the film but it was a better film than that last Godzilla in the 90’s.

    Yesterday watched Need for speed & don’t waste your time, the fact that there is already a superior car film fast & furious makes NFS poor.

    Also just started watching breaking bad (on season 3) I don’t understand what the hype is about at all, how this has been classed as the greatest tv show, I just cannot get into it like how I did the walking dead, the killing etc.

    Also if you haven’t watched orange is the new black, I highly recommend it, not just for the boobs & lesbian sex but a take on what prison break would be like if it was females


    Stick with Breaking Bad, I enjoyed it all but the last episode especially was the most grim and sam bit of drama I’ve ever seen. I loved the first Transfomers but 2 and 3 left me feeling a bit meh, I quite like Marky Mark W, will probably wait for the blu-ray.

    Dan Jones

    Been to the cinema a few times in the last few weeks.
    I thought 22 Jump Street was great, not as good as the first, and basically the same, but still it made me laugh a lot.
    Edge Of Tomorrow was superb. Great action, interesting story, and actually quite comical in places.
    Also saw The Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes a few nights back. Not as good as Rise for me. Predictable storyline, but Andy Serkis and Toby Kebbell put in some brilliant performances as Caesar and Koba. Gave me goosebumps it was that scary.
    I watched both Total Recall‘s last week. Have to say I prefer the newer one, it’s a lot more believable.

    Planning to see The Inbetweeners 2 when it comes out. Also is it just me or does Guardian of the Galaxy look awful?


    Is edge of tomorrow really good? Cause Tom cruise makes utterly garbage film, but did quite enjoy jack reacher.

    Yeh I agree Guardians of the galaxy looks too cheese, I am not holding my hopes up.

    Ninja turtles looks really good, quite looking forward seeing that film

    Dan Jones

    Yeah very good, perfect for the 3D showing we saw it in too. I was really surprised as I wasn’t expecting much. The last Tom Cruise film I enjoyed was The War of the Worlds which was nearly 10 years ago, but he does a great job in this, nothing like the crap that was Oblivion.


    Agreed on Edge of Tomorrow, i enjoyed it and it was good to see Cruise taking himself a bit less seriously.

    If anyone enjoyed Quantic Dream’s Kara tech demo, check out The Machine, it’s not huge budget but it’s pretty good and has echoes of Kara’s story.

    Transcendance was okay but i felt the story was poorly told.

    Noah was terrible, just terrible.

    Currently i’m watching the Fargo tv series – so long since i’ve watched the movie i can’t really say what’s different but it’s good, BillyBob Thornton steals the show imo.


    I saw The Machine, it’s very impressive for a small budget scifi film and while the premise isn’t anything new it’s a gripping guilty AI story.

    Has anyone else seen The Lego Movie and did anyone else completely fall in love with it? I was hooked from the musical second scene, the snappy voice acting and stunning CG blew me away. There were also so many little references for those of us that played with Lego as kids in the 80s and 90s, everything I spotted gave me a massive grin and made me feel like the film was made just for me, not whatever snotty seven year old was watching it :) I’m a sucker for getting emotionally invested in a film I’m enjoying so I found the ‘real’ ending satisfying and heartwarming. I’m stuck for any criticisms, it’s my film of the year.


    @Dan Jones I just watched Oblivion the other day and quite enjoyed Tom Cruise in it. I found the film really confusing (had to do a bit of googling once it had finished), but I think it was done quite well and the special effects were pretty good.

    I also saw Elysium not long ago, which in similar vein I found a bit confusing but I still found it very enjoyable, Copley was once again a great actor in it while I thought Daemon was a tad lackluster.


    I recently watched the Lego movie, I did not find as funny as it was made out to be, maybe that day I was grumpy, will give it another go but graphics matters & in lego’s case they was awful.

    Is Copley that South African actor with the accent if so yeh he is brilliant, from fhe first time I seen him in district 9 to Elysium he is just crazy!

    I watched a film a film called ENEMY by jake (Donnie darko, broke back mountain dude whose last name I can’t spell) if you think a film is confusing I recommend you watching this film

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