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    Yeah, he’s brilliant in District 9, and is again in Elysium. Fuckin’ prawns!


    He was bloody nasty in Elysium, great acting. Does anyone have any insight on the possible District 9 sequel?


    I remember him saying he wants to do a District 10, but I think right now he’s working with his wife on a film about a robot or something. I think he also wants to make a Halo film or it could have been a Gears of War film, I can’t remember right now (I’m on my phone so can’t check imdb/Wikipedia).

    Fingers crossed we see a District 10 at some point though, the last one finished on a bit of a coat hanger.


    He wanted to make a halo film but due to how watchmen flopped at the box office after so much money got spent, they lost faith in giving him the halo funds for the film so maybe he might do a halo episode for the show.

    I think they will be. Next district but hope he doesn’t leave it too long cause then people lose interest like how they left son city for 10 years now it’s dated


    X-Men Days of Future Past.

    It was a promise to my girlfriend that we would watch it together. So I waited the entire summer to see it (she was away with Work&Travel).
    Really like what they did to the series. The movie nailed everything right, the setting, feeling it gave you. I always love it when superhero movies make us feel the human part, the weak part of these overpowered characters. Like a kid I started saying – I wish I had his powers…no no….better yet those powers…or those !
    A single movie that wiped clean to faults of the past movies and set a straight course for the future. No pun intended. That post credits scene, even 3 days after the movie it still appeared today in my mind.
    Really touched both the emotional part and the amazing show of power of the X-Men capabilities.SPOILER: Just the thought that Xavier basically chooses to stay in a wheelchair but keep his powers carries a lot of weight, at least it did for me, for the entire length of the movie.

    PS It’s no surprise. X-Men are my favourite part of the Marvel Universe, I grew up with the cartoon. I like Iron Man and Hulk but for me, those guys with that X gene are the real creme of Marvel.

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    I had the good fortune to watch two fine movies at the weekend, one of them has been out for a while, The Grand Budapest Hotel which was an utterly charming tale, told in Wes Anderson’s uniquely quirky manner and with a great cast, many of whom have appeared in his other movies.

    The other movie i saw was Pre-Destination – i think it’s possibly the best time-travelling movie i have ever seen, my brain was fairly melting by the end though as i tried to put all the pieces together. :)


    Watched the kingsman film which is absolute brilliant from start to end. It was good to see Colin firth acting in something completely different that isn’t oscar oriented.

    I also watched the gambler starting mark walhberg (whatever his name is) bad film well not that bad just bad in sense of him being a university lecturer I mean really marky mark


    Yesterday evening me and my lad watched Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. Cheesy, twee, over-sentimental and all the better for it. Not quite as good as the first one so a 7/10 from me.

    The Lone Steven

    So many films, so many reviews. The one film that i have watched or rather the trailers on film four and it’s reputation along with sheer moments of idiots in the film is Promoethus. It’s rarely i refuse to watch a film without giving it a go but this? I flat out refuse to waste my time and i watched the Catwoman film! It seems to try to be aliens but panders to the wrong audience and seems to throw out horror for action, action, ACTION!

    The last film i actually watched was Final Destination and just no. That is how i sum up the franchise after 2. I mean, did Death just go “Ah screw it, i don’t care anymore as long as they die.” thus leading to high profile accidents. I mean, the sunbed deaths of token twins in 3. That was pushing it. By the time the film had finished, it was past pushing it. 4 was beyond pushing it and seemed to consist of Death resembling a sterotypical online player who just decides to take out everything before ragequitting. The Final Destination, it does go back to being basic but the finale? No. Just no. Unless 4 is the Final Destination. Goddamn, i think it is.


    Man from UNCLE

    Ostensibly stylised and it certainly favours it over substance. Its sort of a love letter to formulaic spy films of old-you will find all the clichés in tact. Henry Cavill doesn’t do well with an American accent but I did like the characters. It does have some really good scenes and good humour. Overall, worth a one off watch. Enjoyable, decent but an imitation of Bond. Watch Spy instead. 6/10.


    Watched NWA over the weekend, simply a brilliant film, one of the best I seen this year & no other biography film can top this at all. I didn’t like how Dr Dre covered his ass in the film but besides that & snoop not looking like him, it was a 10/10 film


    X-Men Apocalypse :)
    And I think its a great film IMO


    That’s not a film, that’s illegal drug sales.
    Silly sausage!


    Watched ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    No need to be invested in Potter, completely stand alone and not in the same era as HP.

    Bad Moms – predictable twaddle, mildly amusing
    Suicide Squad (2nd viewing) – mostly tosh 2nd time around
    Independent Day 2 – really really bad. Avoid like herpes.
    Now you see me 2 – much like the 1st film, it’s not about magic, but cgi and bullshit. Quite terrible. Apparently seeing the word ‘sleep’ will render you unconscious and susceptible to mind control. (Btw you are all under my control now, you should all be nice to everyone and help people to the best of you capability. Share the love)

    I went on a couple of transatlantic flights recently. Where I watched most of those films so my judgement may be skewed by tiredness and discomfort.


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