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    I’m mostly looking forward to the following:

    JANUARY – Life is Strange (I had to try really hard not to buy the digital version after all the good things I heard, and I always hoped of a physical “complete” release, and my patience paid off). Also The Witness, which I still don’t know a whole lot about to be honest!

    FEBRUARY – Firewatch and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The first Garden Warfare was just a really fun game, not a shooter to get bogged-down with stats etc. Even better that progress (presumably your sticker book) carries forward!

    MARCH – The Division and Uncharted 4. I have certain reservations with The Division, since Ubisoft have a habit of seriously downgrading their visuals, but we’ll see. The concept of the game still appeals, particularly that players will experience locations at different states of decay, depending on the timing of their visit during the plague.

    TOMB RAIDER and FF7 and steam world heist and HOB


    Crackdown 3 and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are a couple of games I’m looking forward to.

    Seb Loeb rally game and Assetto Corse on the racing side of things. I’m not getting my hopes up too much about GT Sport, as with any future GT games I’m expecting a big step up and it seems like Sport might just be a prologue. Hoping F1 2016 will be better too.


    I had a quick look through the upcoming games page on Reddit a day or so ago and nothing really grabbed my attention to be honest. A decent RPG would suit me fine now I’ve finished FO4, Bloodborne and Witcher 3. If anyone has any suggestions and/or recommendations they’d be welcome.


    Forgot about Deb Loeb Rally, I shall be keeping an eye out on that too! I liked Mirrors Edge but I don’t think I’m going to buy it – Dying Light fulfilled my parkour needs, and I don’t think Mirror’s Edge will have a big sandbox world, 4-player co-op and the RPG element of Dying Light. I appreciate they’re different games still, but the parkour alone isn’t a big enough draw to me.

    Not really sure on the RPG front Carrot! Maybe RiME or The Witness, I believe the latter at least is supposed to be a very long game but not sure about RPG elements!


    Quite a few on my list..

    What Remains of Edith Finch (by Unfinished Swan devs)
    The Tomorrow children
    The witness
    Mm’s Dreams
    No Mans Sky
    Horizon Zero Dawn (has some rpg elements i believe )
    The Last Guardian
    Uncharted 4
    Codemasters Rally game
    Dishonored 2
    And also possibly Firewatch, Matterfall and For Honor too.
    And that’s just the bigger games! :O


    Apart from any multiplayer elements, none of the games anyone has listed are that “big” (well, maybe The Witness and No Mans Sky), which is important to me, as it would be nice to make some progress with my backlog in 2016 rather than add to it. MGS5 and Fallout 4 are going to be such big time-sinks that I could do without anymore long games….although there’s FF7 and a new FF (probably). Oh, balls.


    GAME have got a useful list of future releases in 2016:


    Good for me as I can’t keep track of all the releases that are happening.


    I haven’t really thought about 2016 much, but I think I’ll be keeping a close eye on Firewatch and The Division. Possibly No Man’s Sky too. Oh, and Escape from Tarkov definitely looks like something I’d enjoy, it looks fantastic.


    XCOM 2 escaped my attention for a while, but I’ll definitely be grabbing that in February, along with Far Cry Primal. Definitely a surprising amount of games early on in the year.

    The Lone Steven

    The PS4. Apparently, it’s all the rage with the younuns and features 64 bits. That’s 64 whole bits!

    I can finally justify the cost of a new console and the games due to what’s out there that appeals to me. I intend on getting Witcher 3(ideally, the complete version if CD Projeck does one), Batman:We half arsed the boss fights knight, WWE 2k16*, Just Cause 3:Loading Simulator, Uncharted 4, TLOU**, Infamous, Fallout 4, GTA5***, Saints Row 4:Re-elected****.

    *PS3 version lacks career mode and that is more or less the bulk of the game. Universe mode is meh. Have no plans to get the PS3 version.
    ** Mainly for the DLC. May just get the DLC on PS3, depends on situation.
    *** Tis worth picking up and FPS view sounds interesting.
    **** Annoyingly, we don’t have the complete edition on PS3 over here. It is annoying else i would have brought it.

    I do hope that i can get a 1TB model for £300 with 1 or 2 games. I will also have to invest in another TV stand as I don’t have much room and i am keeping my PS3 and collection. Stil regret selling the PS2 and the collection. Granted, most games i owned on the PS2 were garbage and i didn’t know any better.

    Far Cry:Primal, that is a review based decision.

    Oh and as for the PS3?

    Catching up on games i’ve missed.

    Unless fate decides i’m to spend 4 ****** years being unemployed again. Then i will take a leaf out of Kratos’s book and beat the crap out of Fate, Destiny and anything that dictates time.


    Uncharted 4 at the moment. I doubt we will see Kingdom Hearts or FF15 next year.


    -No Mans Sky
    -Mirrors Edge Catalyst
    -Resident Evil 0 HD
    -Valkyria Chronicles HD


    Ok, so my January purchases aren’t OTT or unreasonable:

    – 21st Jan: ZOMBI (£13 new from ShopTo)
    – 22nd Jan: Life is Strange Limited Edition (£24.99 from GAME)

    The games I’m not going to buy but was interested in are This War of Mine (didn’t realise it was £25.99!!); Resident Evil Origins Collection; and The Witness. I don’t know enough about The Witness and just feel that (for me personally) I’m not sure I can justify risking £49.99 for a puzzler that I might not like.

    So, for month 1, my New Years gaming resolution is still in tact!

    Note…I did buy Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on PS3 for £6.49, but this was for my son as I don’t want him using my PS4 after school when I’m not there!


    Uncharted is delayed and will be released April just so you know @Youles
    This month will be Resident Evil Origins, Until Dawn and maybe just maybe Life is Strange
    Don’t know what is out in February
    March will be maybe Hitman depending on the contents since they took a chunk out of it and put it in Season Pass.
    Need to play Uncharted Collection before Uncharted 4 so will try quickly complete Mad Max, God of War 3 Remaster this month alone. Then followed by Resident Evil Origins. Then will do Uncharted 1 then move onto one game then the 2nd in February move onto another game and then finish off the 3rd in March to get ready for the 4th installment xD
    Will buy a gaming planner as I am loving what I have just typed xD lol


    Yeah cheers Del, was pleased about Uncharted as The Division is out in March (along with Hitman and Beyond/Heavy Rain)! I know Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is out in Feb, that’s a definite purchase for me! Also Gravity Rush Remastered, Firewatch, Unravel and The Walking Dead: Michonne! Busy month in Feb!!


    Other than Uncharted, I surprisingly don’t have too many games on my radar at all. Either that or I’ve forgotten all the games I was interested in.

    I’m sure Mirror’s Edge and Far Cry might peak my interest but not sure. What I really want to do is get Bloodbourne definitive edition. That game is amazing but I didn’t really get too far, just past the first boss actually.

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