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    No no it was clear mate, I’ve previously read other forums where it’s explained badly abd people argue over how Microsoft are taking note of your hardware. Since that’s exactly what they do I can sort of see how it works now, very clever, hopefully the fact I’ve changed my wifi card already won’t cause me problems.



    Changing the wifi card shouldn’t cause problems. Changing the motherboard might.

    It’s understandable, really. You’re buying a license to use Windows on a PC. If you buy a new PC, you need to pay again. Otherwise either (a) people will be taking the old license with them to a new PC and MS won’t be getting any more money, ever, or (b) the price of Windows will shoot up to deal with that problem.

    It’s what counts as a new PC that could be confusing, although MS seem fairly relaxed about it. They’re not going to object to replacing a wifi card, or memory, or upgrading the graphics card. Change everything over time, and you can’t really argue it’s the same PC.

    It’s like the thing of buying a broom and you replace the brush part because it’s worn out, and then you replace the handle. Have you got a new broom? I think the obvious answer to that is “Who the fuck goes around fixing brooms these days anyway?? And where can you buy just parts of a broom?”



    Is it worth upgrading? I’m in the small camp (probably just me) of thinking Windows 8 was alright. Not amazing but I liked it. Is it buggy?



    Compared to 7 (which I upgraded from), it’s quite an improvement. It seems to be significantly faster. From turning on my 5 year old PC until everything’s started up and ready to go now takes under a minute. Previously, it was taking 2 or 3 minutes. And once it’s booted, everything just seems to be quicker in general.

    Also, a big chunk of disc space was freed up, for some unknown reason.

    The downside is the “universal windows platform”. A nice idea, having stuff that runs on Windows 10 on whatever hardware you want (a desktop/laptop, tablet, phone, xbox), but they’re a lot slower to start up than the old native versions. The calculator can take seconds to start. (Although having just tested it, it started instantly. There may be something going on in the background there that improved the startup speed?)

    Once they’re running, they’re fine though.

    Multiple desktop support might be useful for some people and is finally part of Windows. And works incredibly well. Just hit Ctrl+Windows+d to another desktop and Ctr+Windows+left/right arrow to switch between them. And it switches amazingly fast.

    The only problem I’ve found is the issue with the start menu and Cortana both suddenly not working. It says it’s a critical error and logs you out. At which point it does exactly the same thing when you log in again. If it happens, reboot from the login screen (because if you login, it’ll give the error and log you out again before you can reboot) and you should be up and running again. Happens a couple of times a week for me. Looks like a lot of people have the problem, MS are aware of it, and they’ve fixed some, but not all, causes of the error.

    Overall, I’d say it’s worth upgrading. And remember, if you upgrade and don’t like it for some reason, you can roll back to your previous version. If you do it within a month. And don’t delete the old version, obviously.



    Might just do that. Thanks. Also YD-add me on PSN. cam_manutd :)



    I’ll pop a friend request your way later. Although any of you lot are quite welcome to send friend requests to MrYd. If you can find me and don’t just send blank requests. I hate those. Apparently searching for “MrYd” on PSN shows up lots of other people with the letters “mryd” in their ID before showing me, whose ID consists ONLY of the letters MrYd. Which makes no sense, but then it is Sony, so maybe it does.

    And anyone with the 3.0 beta firmware might want to hunt me down and find the TSA community.



    I did try to add you but it was a challenge as you said. Looking forward to the community feature.



    I’ve upgraded two laptops to win 10 now, did one as a test and that worked out fine so i tried a second one. The second one resulted in no display when the install had completed. Oddly, plugging out the power adapter made the display come back on but it would go off as soon as i plugged it back in. Googled and found other’s having same issue and it recommended reverting until the apparent driver issue was sorted. But it wouldn’t let me revert to win 8 without the power plugged in so i had to line up the mouse and then plug it out and click and hope for the best! Thankfully it reverted but all my installed program shortcuts were buggered up.
    I think i’ll hold off on upgrading any more for the time being.

    Cam, keep scrolling and you’ll find MrYD, failing that you can add me (Bonyman on PSN) as i’m also joined the TSA community. Also, i’ve created “The Photo Club” if anyone wants to share screengrabs/photo mode grabs etc.

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    I’ve upgraded from Win7 but the install mustn’t have went so well considering the taskbar was unresponsive and the start menu never showed up, I uninstalled either Razer Synapse or Nvidia’s Geforce stuff and it seemed to be alright.. till after I tried installing drivers for Win10. Couldn’t go back to Win7 either so I had to get the disc and clean install that to another drive after trying to reset the pc and messed things up. I’m kinda clueless.. xD

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