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    Hi all, just wanted to pick the TSA Communities brains on this.

    I had my PS4 account hacked last week.
    I only realised when I got an email notification on my mobile for a paypal transaction to Sony for £20.
    Thinking that they must have upped the PS+ price quite severely, I tried to log into my PS4 to look at the transaction.
    Only I couldn’t log in, it didn’t recognise my email or password.

    After a 2 hour wait for the PS support live chat thingy to open, I finally spoke to someone called “Dale.” Dale was great, he asked a few security questions, reset my account email and urged me to change my password to something completely new (which I did).
    He apologised and said that they would be in touch regarding a refund in the near future.

    I couldn’t fault him at all, brilliant, fast and efficient service.
    The only gripe would be their opening times, but that was out of Dale’s control.

    I also logged it as an unauthorised transaction through paypal.
    I told Dale that in Live Chat too.

    Yesterday I got an email from Paypal saying that they have refunded the £20.
    Fast forward to today, I have the day off, just dropped the wife at the train station and thought I could get a few sneaky hours in on Uncharted 4. I go to log into my PS4 and get a WS-37368-7 error code telling me my account has been banned.

    I have literally no idea why.
    I am 36 years old and only play on my console sporadically as and when the opportunities arise (like this morning).
    Now here is the actual question – After googling, it seems that if I don’t receive an email (I didn’t) explaining why I got banned, then it is permanent. I have had the same account for literally years, recently purchased UC4 digitally which means I have potentially lost that too.

    Is there anything that can be done?
    I will contact live chat again, but the google searches throw up a lot of people saying that if it is a permanent ban, then the account is gone for good?

    All my games and trophy progress out the window and I have literally no clue as to why it would happen.

    Anyone had anything similar happen?

    Sorry for the moan.



    Quick update :

    Just got off the live chat with Playstation, they basically said that because I flagged it as an unauthorised transaction with Paypal, who in turn got me my money back…the “system” automatically banned me as I now have a “debt” on my account!

    The live chat guy was very helpful, forwarded it onto billing and said I should be unbanned “soon”.

    Seems a tad daft as that is the main reason people use paypal for online transactions, surely?


    Similar things happened to my brother in law. He made a payment through PayPal for Fifa Ultimate Team coins and something went wrong mid-transaction. He was charged by PayPal but didn’t receive the PSN credit to buy the FIFA coins. Therefore he claimed the refund through PayPal and suddenly got his PSN account banned. Slightly different as he didn’t have the PSN funds in the first place so there shouldn’t have been a debt with PSN/Sony for them to make a ban, however I guess there’s something “in the system” that auto-triggers a ban when there is a refund claimed through PayPal – possible as Sony will assume that gives them a debt or there’s suspicious activity on the account. I’ll just avoid using PayPal in future, just to be safe!

    Glad you got it sorted btw! :)


    Thanks Youles!
    Just hoping they sort it soon as I am looking forward to FF15! :P


    Just a quick update on this.
    I emailed Customer support and told them the whole story, they replied with a very blunt “if it’s with the billing team you will just have to wait” type of response.

    I was telling my mate about it and he said “why don’t you email Jim Ryan?”
    So I did. Got a response from Jim within 10 minutes and my account was restored within a day of that email.
    He must be a very busy guy, but he took the time to not only respond personally but he also sorted my problem out.

    Top bloke, my faith has been restored somewhat! :)


    Everyone will do that, not just Sony. If you get a refund from Paypal, or get in touch with your bank and get them to refund it (if you paid by card), your account will at the very least be temporarily banned, or even closed outright. Steam will do it too. For good reasons too (it’ll be costing them money and could even lead to payment facilities being suspended or removed)

    Always deal with Sony first. Obviously if it looks like someone’s got hold of your card, get in touch with the bank and get them to cancel the card.

    And turn on the two-factor authentication thing that Sony added a few months back. That should stop your account being hacked in future in pretty much all cases. Never going to be perfect, and there’ll be some way around it (possibly someone persuading Sony they’re really you), but you’ll be 99.x% secure.


    Damn, all that for being hacked? Good to have the account restored. Now you can relax.


    What the fuck are you going on about JessicaWilson? Jog on spambot!


    Crazy story, glad you got it solved, really good to hear the email to Ryan worked too! I’ll definitely bear the PayPal issue in mind, since the hack years ago I’ve only been using PayPal top ups which did go wrong once, but after talking to PayPal I got the credit top up repeated rather than refunded, phew! I may change the funding to my credit card just to be safe, I also don’t play on my PS4 too much but would be totally hacked off to be banned.

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