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    There are 46 Trophies that can be collected.


    Nettle know-how
    Discover everything about nettles

    Leech learning
    Discover everything about leeches

    Quietly does it…
    Discover everything about unicorns

    Book worm
    Discover everything about Flobberworms

    Fur-ther learning
    Discover everything about Puffskeins

    Dragon it out
    Discover everything about Common Welsh Green dragons

    Careful ssstudy
    Discover everything about Ashwinders

    Neat and tidy
    Juice an ingredient and add it to the cauldron without spilling a drop

    0 days since last accident…
    Make a mistake in potion brewing

    Laugh it up
    Successfully laugh at your potion

    Pop pop pop
    Pop all the bubbles that emerge from your potion

    Ready to experiment!
    Find your first collectible

    Chop, juice, mash and bash
    Create a concoction where each ingredient requires preparation

    Curious Concoction
    Create your own concoction

    You seem a little familiar
    Find the frog-rabbit in the Shrinking Solution story

    Pretty thorough
    Find the frog-rabbit in the Beautification Potion story

    Find the frog-rabbit in the Sleeping Potion story

    Funny little thing
    Find the frog-rabbit in the Laughing Potion story

    Saving the pest till last
    Find the frog-rabbit in the Doxycide story

    Who needs luck?
    Find the frog-rabbit in the Felix Felicis story


    Cutting it Fine
    Chop up an ingredient without making a mistake

    Multiple mixture
    Create a concoction with 4 different effects


    No stone unturned
    Find all of the collectibles in the ‘Book of Potions’

    Potion Pioneer
    Create 15 different effects with your concoctions


    Bottle fame & brew glory
    Master the ‘Book of Potions’

    21 SECRET


    Pluck of the draw
    Successfully extract the Knarl quills

    Just resting my eyes
    Put the giant serpent to sleep

    Drowsy draught
    Successfully brew the Sleeping Potion

    Advanced Herbology
    Protect the wormwood from the creatures in the garden

    Only skin deep
    Beautify all of the Red Caps

    You little beauty
    Successfully brew the Beautification Potion

    A little off the top
    Successfully gather unicorn hair

    That shrinking feeling
    Shrink the troll with your Shrinking Solution

    A little knowledge
    Successfully brew the Shrinking Solution

    Save the daisies from the creatures in the garden

    A clean bill of elf
    Cured the house-elf’s boils with your potion

    Something’s brewing…
    Complete the first page and begin your journey…


    Infinite opportunity
    Use Felix Felicis to get to the Golden Cauldron

    Liquid Luck
    Successfully brew Felix Felicis

    Successfully protect the Occamy eggshells

    The pest defence is a good offence
    Defeat the Doxys with Doxycide

    Doxys beware
    Successfully brew Doxycide

    Snailed it!
    Successfully gather Streeler shells

    It’s a scream
    Administer the Laughing Potion to the banshee

    Who’s laughing now?
    Successfully brew the Laughing Potion


    They called me mad! Mad!
    Brew the Potion of All Potential


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