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    @kjkg Ah, I see what you mean now – Not necessarily a poor description, just wanted a bit of clarification was all.

    So, basically think of it like twitter. When you want to direct a tweet to an individual you use the ‘@’ followed by their twitter handle. Same thing here. Just type the @ followed by someone’s username & as long as it is spelled correctly & in full, it will be underlined & link to the correct profile. At least that’s as I understand it anyway.

    Such as with Youles’ response above, because it didn’t include the ‘_01’ on the end, it hasn’t quite matched up with me. Similarly, Freeze’s request to Del yesterday actually links to another user (just called ‘Del’) because the full name was not used.

    Obviously it does make it easier when your username is short & snappy & doesn’t contain symbols or other weird add ons, unlike mine! ;)

    – Yeah, it was admittedly a bit shit (& seemingly completely out of the blue), but I am hoping we are through it now & that 2016 will be a good one. We are working on it together, which is half the battle.

    The BB side missions don’t seem too bad in their defence (in fact, some seem better than the main game ones), but not sure I can bring myself to slog through 20 of each just for their respective trophies, especially as I only have a little of the campaign to complete. Might just finish the campaign, dabble about a bit & have done with it, as I do now have Fallout 4, Need for Speed & GH Live all from xmas that I need to make some space for!

    I also want Mad max & JC3, which I could pick up right now with some credit I have left over, but then I need to find more space &/or time to actually play those things!

    #firstworldproblems ;)

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    @Youles – Kinda serious. Wife generally unhappy with current situations, leading to some pretty seriously toned conversations over the festive period (which suffice to say wasn’t quite so festive). Doing my best to try & make her happy though.

    I have tried Bad Blood, but not finished as yet – Got the final act to do I think. It’s been enjoyable, but seems quite short. Not sure I’m gonna bother doing 20 of each type of side mission though, as that just seems a bit much if you ask me.

    Gonna need to finish it off soon though, as I now have 3 separate games that I need to make space for!

    – Direct reply? What is this voodoo you speak of? There did used to be a reply system if I recall, but these days I just thought that replies were thread replies, not direct replies?

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    I haven’t been playing much at all other than a bit of borderlands with R1M & Pixel on occasions & a bit of Vice City.

    Truth be told, this year has not started well at all. :(

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    @Youles – Ah yes, that would make sense in terms of users vs stats I suppose. Still, nice to have targets to aim for! :)

    & as for that dude on Push Square, I would say it would actually be next to impossible (if not entirely impossible) to rack up that kind of count without ‘assistance’ – Yknow, the kind that Duck360 has? I know he didn’t say as much in the article, but why would he?

    What he did say was: “On the surface, we have the best collection of imported Trophy guides on the Internet, but underneath the surface is much more. Behind the scenes, we have the biggest collection of Trophy hunters in the world and we all trade or borrow games with each other. By doing this, we’ve all saved ourselves a ton of money.”

    If they are trading & borrowing games from each other, why not details too? Would make that trophy hunting a bit more efficient if you have someone else to do it whilst you are at work for example.

    That sounds as though I am bitter & I am really not as I gave up caring about trophies a while back, but I find it impossible for him to have the amounts he has when he cites almost the exact same playing time as I generally manage to get in. Especially as he says he likes JRPGs too. Each one is like hundreds of hours right?

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    Not been in here for a while, but I have to admit that your stat checking intrigued me Youles – I decided to have a look at my own just to see how I stack up (not a competitive thing, just wondered was all). The end result was… I don’t think that you can take those figures as gospel (or maybe anywhere near correct even?!?).

    The reason I say this? According to PSN profiles I am currently ranked 3277 in the world & 379 in this country. That blows my mind for all the wrong reasons. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

    There are literally millions of players in the world. There are probably a few hundred thousand of those in this country alone (totally made up figures that seem likely to me I should add). Surely I can’t be that high up the table with those figures (again, totally made up) taken into account?

    I mean, I know I did have a certain period of trophy love back in PS3 days (to my credit I still managed to stay away from Hannah Montana though!), but I do a lot less of that now & in fact, have been playing Destiny for practically all of the last year so my trophy count has taken a bit of a dive as a result.

    Again, not trying to poop in your cornflakes here & I really wouldn’t want to deter anyone from having goals, but I personally just find those particular figures a tad ‘off’.

    in reply to: TSA 2014 leaderboard #249551

    I hath a quick question (noob alert!) – I note that this particular leaderboard is based upon your own personal performance & whether you have seen a rise or fall since previous years (or just last year?), but what I don’t really get is how it is all point based?

    What system does this follow in terms of points? Is it that each trophy has a point value? What would that be if so?

    I didn’t expect to do too well this year, as Destiny took over my life for a really long time (with little to no trophies earned as a result), but I just can’t gauge how I am ‘doing’ from my 3% increase listed in the table. Could someone explain please?

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    It probably will happen sooner or later matey – As you are all likely aware, I used to hunt the odd trophy myself, but now I just ain’t got time for that shit! The issue for me was not glitchy trophies, difficulty or grind, it was simply assessing my priorities. In this case, it was actually Destiny – I was enjoying being a part of the clan/team, doing raids & so forth & so trophies became less of a concern, as I was more concerned with filling my time with something I enjoyed rather than something I felt I ‘needed’ to do.

    If I was on more often than just a couple of hours a night (on certain nights), it might be a different situation, but the point is I suppose that if you only have a couple of hours to play, what is the point of spending all that time attempting to get something done just for a piece of silverware that has absolutely zero value other than bragging rights/ego boost? For me, there is none.

    I don’t play Destiny quite as much now & have begun turning my attention to other games in the pile o’ shame, but I still have no intention of sitting through unnecessary grind just for the sake of a platinum anymore. I will play a game until I am done having fun with it. If the platinum hasn’t been achieved in that time, then to hell with it.

    Play the game you want to play for the period you want to play it for & don’t worry about the asides would be my advice. :)

    in reply to: Destiny fireteams? #247607

    Hello mate (& thanks for the mention!) – Surprisingly (or is it unsurprisingly?) it seems no-one has responded to your post thus far. This kind of reflects things in general to a certain extent I suppose. People are generally in their threes already, or are rapidly losing (or lost) interest as finding someone to play with is proving more difficult than it perhaps should.

    It’s frustrating really, as although three man fireteams should generally be an easy thing to arrange, they really aren’t, as it all depends on those three people all being available at the same times, with the same level of commitment towards Destiny, which can be hard. Bizarrely, it was actually much easier to get 6 people together at a particular time for a raid.

    Sounds like you do already have some arrangements in place, which is good – I am guessing you are just looking to fill the rest of your time? I am quite happy to jump in with you, as although I did kinda quit a bit publicly last week, for some unknown reason I got a bit exotic engram happy on the weekend with xur & ended up getting two of the three helmets I wanted/needed, so am spending time levelling them at the mo (I know, I’m so fickle!). The only trouble is that the only times I know I can be around are on Tuesday/Wednesday evenings. I am usually around at points of a weekend too, but times are a lot more sporadic then.

    I have a Level 34 Warlock & a level 33 (& a half) Hunter & Titan. I could make both of the latter 34 through etheric light, but as I don’t get to do prisons very often, the materials are quite precious to me so I am holding onto the couple of armour cores & etheric light I currently have in case Variks has something useful in the coming weeks (i.e. something with some bloody discipline on it would be nice!).

    That being the case, prison runs probably interest me the most at the moment (as they hold most value in terms of returns), but have always enjoyed the raids & am yet to get all the stuff, so happy to do some of that too.

    Feel free to chuck me an add if you like. My PSN is the same as here. :)

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    Yeah, you too – Nice to have you along for the ride! Your timing was impeccable as well, as me & bacon were just getting into our first run (Ash & Miffy had kindly helped me out with getting my hunter through it just before).

    Worked rather well considering we managed to get two done in an hour. That particular strike with Arc burn (as well as angry & lightswitch of course) can be a tad tricky as pretty much everything does arc in that strike, so around half an hour for each seems pretty good to me. The regular strike (from the Roc) takes about that long anyway.

    Shame you didn’t have your mic, but I am guessing you could at least hear us anyway, as (unless you can see around corners!) you reacted well when there were calls about random thralls getting a bit friendly, or cursed versions on their way. Our silent reviver! :)

    in reply to: Destiny Raid Team #241002

    Yeah, I too had thought that the Queens Wrath events could well make a return, as at present the fact that they appeared once soon after release & never since just seems like a missed opportunity (& potentially something that they could easily pop in too to keep people enthused).

    Although I have to admit that I do like your idea about specific faction missions too. That could actually be quite decent & also good for players who don’t want to crucible or rely on RNG, as then they could mix their gear up a bit in terms of INT/DIS/STR. Would also help with some of the lore as specific factions might have specific beefs with particular enemies – Like the New Monarchy guy not liking the fallen due to one of them spilling his pint one day or something. Tis a shame.

    If you want/need to do the nightfalls, I am up for it, but only if you need to – Whilst I appreciate the offer, I would never make anyone run OmniWhore any more times than they actually needed to! :D

    That said, there wasn’t a great deal of people around last night for whatever reason, but there could well be this evening, so I guess I should probably check when I get home. Still happy to go through them if you want to of course, but its possible I may also have someone who needs to do them too (such as baconsarnie or pixel_nme for example).

    Out of interest though, what sort of time are you talking here (as you mention early)?

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    Kind of off-topic, but I can’t help but feel that Bungie have massively fucked up by not getting House of Wolves out there sooner than they plan to – People have now seemingly run VoG numerous times to get what they want, Crota appeared a couple of/few months after release & seemed to be a bit kinder on the gear anyway, so it seems many are now finding nothing to do. As a result, I couldn’t even field 2 other players to get nightfalls done last night.

    Of course, I suppose that it doesn’t help that Iron Banner started up again as of last night, but I spent a good long time just tootling about & getting nothing done, just waiting on people to be around. Come 22:00/22:30 I just gave up, as at that time I wouldn’t have been able to get anything worthwhile achieved anyway.

    Trouble is that with a game like Destiny, you have to keep people engaged. If you don’t, you risk people moving onto other things, likely never to return.


    I really wish I had saved the video now, but my friend arrived at my house just after this happened & I had to turn the console off. Completely forgot about it later when I got back on & so it was lost forever. :(

    I wanted to share anyway, as it made an otherwise depressing session of The Crucible in Destiny all worth it. Long story short, an opponent of mine in a Control match yesterday got a lesson in why you really shouldn’t teabag a Sunsinger Warlock’s ghost.

    He killed me in one on one combat which was fair enough (not unknown to happen), but then he was clearly so happy with his performance he then thought that it would be a good idea to bob up & down over my corpse.

    Turns out, not a good idea.

    Now, I usually save my fireborn ability for coming back from death to cap a control point when its most useful, but this was just too good to pass up on. Whilst he was still happily bobbing away (probably thinking to himself that I would now be crying myself to sleep that evening), I activate my super & raise myself from the dead in a fiery ball of revival, smash him in the face with my melee (which not only kills the poor fellow outright, but also gives me a shield for the next 12 seconds) & then proceed to plough my way through another 4 members of his team… 5 dead out of 6 & they have nothing more than his antics to thank for that.

    I have the feeling he won’t be so hasty to try & gloat that way in future. :)

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    in reply to: Destiny Raid Team #238033

    So I have a small update – Although I was initially abandoned by my raiding team *sniff*, I have spoken to them since & they are pretty pissed off with Crota on hard & it taking up so much of their time & so are going to be spending less time on that & more time doing stuff that they enjoy like Crota normal or VoG hard (or any other destiny activity that doesn’t have them tearing hair out!).

    With this in mind, I may not actually be as available as I first thought I might be. :(

    However, I play Destiny. A lot. Most days in fact. So I am still happy to be invited should you guys be needing a player & I am around. So feel free to add me anyway & give me a shout if you need assistance or numbers & if I can do it, I’ll be there (I’ll of course let you know if I can’t).

    In case you need to know, my PSN is the same as my username , I am a level 31 Warlock & have weapons to suit pretty much any situation (although I often favour my explodey scout rifle). I am in the UK & am usually around from about 8pm. Apart from weekends which tend to be a little more sketchy.

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    in reply to: Top Ten PS1 Games #238032

    Don’t recall many of my PSOne games to be honest, but some do stick in my mind particularly well, so they must have been gooduns!

    These would be (in no particular order);

    Music 2000
    Hogs Of War
    Street Fighter Ex plus Alpha
    Twisted Metal

    Fun fact: I still own two of these games. Can you guess which?*

    *(you don’t have to guess, but you can if you want!)

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