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  • More from my PS4Share backlog. This is a stage I did on DiRT Rally in the Hyundai WRC car during career. This isn’t the replay, so just the fixed camera angle I used and I am also with a wheel and manual gears. I just felt like I found a nice rhythm here.

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    Cheers Freeze, hope you are good these days?

    30 online wins is one of the Rossi challenges! While it is not a Trophy in itself, it is one of the Gold medals and getting all of those is needed for the Plat. Thankfully, AshGraham was around for some help :)

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    Just thought I’d post here with some Platinum news. Got the Ducati 90th Anniversary, MXGP 2 and Valentino Rossi: The Game Plats recently. The Ducati one can be done with your eyes shut. The Rossi one actually takes some skill, which is a break from the Milestone norm.

    Well done BadBoyBoogie on your Uncharted 4 plat!

    Love how the co-driver is says “ouch” during the stoppie.

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    Just thought I’d bring this up, if anyone does indeed fancy joining a few TSA peeps, we currently race on Project CARS each Monday from 8pm for an hour or 2. No doubt with F1 2016 and Assetto Corsa on the way, the game might change, but up until then there’s a hardy bunch of us and all are welcome!

    Here’s a MotoGP 15 one too. Not as good, although the last clip looks like there’s a jump cut in the video, but there isn’t. It happened like that and I couldn’t rewind.

    An old one, but here is a compilation of weirdness from WRC 5. Hope the upcoming WRC 6 amends things like invisible walls, randomly damaged cars and rigid shrubbery.

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    I was on the Trackmania Turbo train and loving it, but then DiRT Rally came out and consumed my life! Can’t stop rallying, saving up monies, then buying new cars and engineers. The daily, weekly and monthly challenge system is implemented in such a great way, it really adds depth. However, on the flip side, whilst the cars, sounds, visuals and track design are mega, I wish for more. Colour me entitled, there’s a serious rally game again, and one on consoles, whoop! But, a few more rallycross tracks and another hill climb track would not go amiss.

    Had a quick go on MXGP2 too, although DiRT is the priority. Anyone else played it? It’s much tougher than the first MXGP game!

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    Okay, lets get started.

    To Affinity & Beyond (Bronze)

    Have an affinity greater than 50% in all car classes.

    The very first thing you need to do the first time you load Project CARS is choose the ‘Pro’ handling model. It’s the very first thing you are presented with and cannot be changed later (this pertains to later Trophies). The second thing you should, before starting career, is do this Affinity related Trophy. Simply visit your profile page and you will see an Affinity page.

    Each car class is listed, so set up a Single Race with at least 1 AI opponent with an easy AI level and maybe only 1 lap. Enter and Win one race with a vehicle from each car class and the Trophy will pop. The classes are Single Seater, Touring, GT, Road etc. and are labelled on the car select screen. Remember, enter only 1 race for each car class and win it. That way your winning ratio Entry-Wins will be greater than 50%, and thus, so will your ‘Affinity’.

    The only tricky one is, that on the Profile page, you cannot make out the wording on one of the car classes. Terrible. But have no fear, simply choose the Caper Monterey Stockcar. This appears to be in a class all to itself. As per, enter and win one race. Ta-dah.

    If you are already far into the game and not got this Trophy, there is a simple work around. Quit the game, go to your PS4 settings and the Game Saved Data section. Copy your Project CARS profile (don’t worry about Ghosts and Replays) to a removable drive. Then delete your Project CARS Profile. Boot the game and it will think that you are a new person and all Affinity levels will be zero. Get the Trophy, exit the game, delete the recent Project CARS profile save, then load off your removable drive back onto your PS4 the original Project CARS profile save, which has all your career progress.

    Zero To Hero(Gold)

    Won the LMP1 Championship within ten seasons.

    Okay, this is a big career related Trophy. What the description does not say is that you MUST start your career in Tier 8. Must. What is Tier 8? Well, when you start the career, there is a handy road map that explains the Tiers. However, once you have started, you cannot find it anywhere in the game at all! Properly silly. In the end I took a screenshot of a YouTube video, which you can hopefully see below.

    Project CARS career layout.

    So, in order to get this, the very first contract I signed in career was for Kart One, which is Tier 8. I then personally won that championship and signed for Super Kart. Won that and moved to Formula Rookie, then Formula Gulf, Formula C, Formula B, Formula A and then LMP1. ALong that top line in order. Winning each title as I went along (AI on 80, a solid challenge). As you can see, I reached LMP1 within the 10 seasons. I understand you can go Kart One > Super Kart > LMP3 > LMP2 > LMP1, but I did not do that myself. Besides, you’ll need to win all the championships in the image above at some point (which I’ll get to later), may as well do the route I did for a guaranteed Trophy.

    Two tips for the career mode. Firstly, invitational events are fun, but you don’t have to do any, at all. They pop up in-between your main Championship races that you have signed up for. But you can skip past them by pressing Triangle on the event calendar. Don’t worry, the game won’t let you skip the races that count, so merrily mash Triangle.

    Secondly, and this is a little complicated to explain, but when you sign a contract for a Championship, i.e. LMP2, there is the main series itself, but before that, a ‘warm-up’ smaller championship. You will usually have the choice of two to enter. So, taking LMP2 again as an example, you must race through an ‘LMP2 US Series’ or a ‘LMP2 EU Series’, both lasting 3 events. Once you have done those on the event calendar, the main 4 event world wide Championship will appear. You must race in one of the smaller series first. You can retire from races to speed your porgression up and you don’t have to win them, but if you retire from all races in a warm-up series, the main world wide Championship you signed up for will simply disappear of the Career Calendar, and you’ll have to abandon your season. Ooops.

    Okay, there we are, two Trophy help-outs and general career tips. More soon. Maybe.

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    It may be that if there’s a Trophy glitch, it’s cannot be patched…ever?

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    Perhaps they are popped in at the last minute because developers are used to working with them and then have become complacent? Who knows!

    But, whenever I hear about glitched Trohpies, I’ve never heard of any being fixed? Is that true? Have any been sorted out? I’m just thinking of FIFA Vita, Grid2 etc..

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    Cracking stuff!

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    @Tef Ahh, that’s certainly a cheaper way of doing it! It is kind of cool to have hidden stuff like this, but it’s most likely an error!

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    @Heed Yup, weird one that base model BMW, I don’t have it in the dealership either, but it does unlock if you do certain things apparently! There’s a thread on GTPlanet

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