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    @Freeze Yup, fair enough. The shiny new feeling still hasn’t warn off Brands yet for me however! So, possibly start with that track, before moving on to big ones with 400pp such a Bathurst and Trial Mountain etc!

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    Stunning videos Heed, as per! 400pp racing looks like a winner to me!

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    I think for next week, lets try a few 400pp races. Any car, Sports Soft tyres, limit of 400PP. Very simple. Alfa Mito, Abarth Punto, Lotus Elise 11, Mazda MX-5/Roadster etc.

    We tried it this week and it created a smashing race, especially with a pit stop and a smaller track.

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    @Gazzagb Yes it does, on the actual moon!

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    Stunning work and ace website Heed!

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    @Jag It would be good if you could join in with the GT6 online antics Jag! #TGMEM

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    Shame about the sound, but nay bother, cracking video Heed!

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    @Freeze Thank you for the tip, very helpful, I shall try that in the coming days!

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    I just need one Trophy for the GT6 Platinum. The rest of the Trophies are suprisingly easy…simply finish the game for the most part!

    @Freeze How on earth have you managed to rack up soooo many miles?!

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    @Freeze – A yes, this could be a benefit. Do you know what happens to the Races if the quality is reduced? I had the voice quality lowered initially and it sounded terrible!

    Also, I’ve read on GTPlanet that GT6 shares it’s online servers/support with GT5 still. I actually hope they switch off GT5 soon to help GT6 online. The same applied to GT5 Prologue and GT5 and once Prologue disappeared, GT5 was more stable.

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    Heed, you have mad skillz with the Photo Mode in GT6!

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    Snap. 2nd place and 10 seconds to spare. AI got me down the long straight.

    I kept messing up on one corner near the end. It’s silly really, because you have so much time in hand I could have crawled around, but kept trying to go quickly!

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    Well, we just had 11 people for this week’s #TGMEM. Smashing turn-out, great racing, the game can handle it too, which is nice.

    There were two problems. One, I should be banned from hosting in future due to my rubbish internet connection. I can handle drumming up some hype, organising things, but hopefully Manorhowze is up for hosting duties like days of old. Will have to ask. This lead to me being disconnected from my own lobby and then not being able to join in for the rest of the evening.

    Second, the PS3 cannot handle more than 100 friends. Both myself, Chuggy & CarBoyCam at some point had issues with it. It’s a problem for GT6 as you can’t send invites, only join a Friend’s games. When said friends are online and inexplicably not showing on your PS3 Friends List, this is a problem. Whomever hosts form now on must have to squeeze in all possible players to their Friend’s List.

    Still, new game, it’s all a learning curve. Really happy that there is demand for online racing in GT6 clearly, and that from launch the game has no major online issues even with a packed lobby.

    We’ll do it all again next week!

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    One thing I’d like to say is that despite getting 100% and doing the 4 Seasonal events, I still don’t have enough Credits to buy the cars I’d like or tune random cars up. I think the lean amount of credits handed out is quite good for career progression as it adds an extra dimension of difficulty the AI simply cannot offer.

    But now I’m finished, I have zero incentive to re-do races to earn enough credits to play around a little. I’m hoping further events alongside the Seasonals are added in future updates.

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    Ah yes, that last Mission race in the GT40. For me, the toughest challenge. I had to restart so many times! No prize cars for the One-Makes, Missions nor Coffee Breaks, even for Gold on all.

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