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    Ha, brilliant Teflon! What a crazy trophy! I agree too, the AI really can’t do the Nurburgring, worse even than GT5 possibly!

    The track is also somehow even more challenging. It’s been re-profiled in areas and the new physics mean you can feel every bump affecting the car now. Manorhowze will hate it!

    I’d also like to point out, I got the Trophy for winning a race with little fuel left by simply running out of fuel while leading and then quitting the race. Completely by accident. Not sure if that is a glitch that can be replicated. I was doing the 24minute of LeMans and simply didn’t pit.

    @Freeze – You’ve got all the stars, yet why the 94% not 100%? Also, that is double to miles I have done so far, insane!

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    Awesome videos Heed, love it! Those VW’s certainly provide close racing!

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    Heedbaw has been at it again, with a superb video of some of the recent week’s shenanigans!

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    Wow Freeze, you’ve got all stars in the game?!

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    They save somewhere, can’t remember where, but you can’t export them via USB which is a bit poo :( I think that’s the case anyway!

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    The wonderful, amazing, Heedbaw has taken some cracking pictures of our shenanigans on GT6 so far. Hit the link.

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    Weird that Freeze as the rest of us managed to get on with zero trouble! See you next week!

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    At the time of writing, here’s the link to next Monday’s #TGMEM

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    Also, for those Trophy hunting, the game seems very straight forward. Below I have written how I got a few of the more difficult imaginary shiny mementos of joy:

    Bronze | Serious Collector | Build up a collection of 50 cars.
    Bronze | Fanatical Collector | Build up a collection of 100 cars.

    There was a shed load of pre-order car bonuses, meaning you could have almost 50 before you start playing. Car packs were even given away through O2 Priority Moments. These “15th Anniversary Cars” do not count towards these trophies however, so watch out! You need to actually get 50/100 cars through purchasing in game or receiving prize cars for winning races.

    Bronze | Dedicated Follower of Fashion | Build up a collection of 20 racing suits and helmets.

    The wording of this trophy is accurate, but at first glance a little confusing. Possibly. To clarify, you simply need to own 20 items, be that suits and/or helmets combined. It doesn’t have to be 20 race suits for example, which can get rather pricey!

    Bronze | Who’s Laughing Now? | Go into the final round of a Championship in third place or lower, and emerge as overall champion.

    What a swine. I would be extremely surprised if anyone managed this by chance. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have to orchestrate this one. I did it by re-visiting the Novice Championship in the very first block of events. In a tuned Toyota GT86 that was clearly quicker than the other cars, I won the first race. Then I finished last in the second race. This left me 3rd in the points. Going into the 3rd and final race (2 laps, Brands Hatch GP) you have to win the race and make sure that car leading the championship finishes last (6th) and the car in second place in the standings finishes 5th. In other words, ram them off the road. It’s only a 2 lap race, but you have plenty of time thanks to the AI being so slow. I may even help to write down the standings and points situation. Only a Bronze? Pah!

    Bronze | Three Miraculous Laps | Record a lap time that’s within 0.2 seconds of the best lap time for three consecutive laps.

    Another one where you’d have to be mighty lucky (or supremely talented) to grab without trying. Personally, I visited the Brand Hatch Indy circuit, one of the shortest in the game. I set up a Time Trial in a slow Alfa-Romeo Mito and made sure that the Time Trial Ghost Car (that shows on screen your quickest lap) was switched on. On the first lap I drove normally, until the final corner, where I backed off a bit. Then for the next few laps, all I had to do was stay either just in-front or behind of said ghost. Simple, but a faff.

    Bronze | One-Make Wonder Win | Come from behind to win right at the finish line of a one-make race.

    It looks simple, but is actually quite vague in it’s description. At some point in the game, you are gifted a BMW 1-Series Ti. Tune this and enter in the One Make event for BMW 1-Series cars. The race is incredibly easy, so mess about. On the final lap, going into the final chicane (Nurburgring GP), make sure you are on the rear bumper of the leader and the same around the final corner. Upon exiting the final corner, blast past to take the win. Ta-dah!

    Bronze | Hidden Gem | Bump into the tyres painted GT6 blue that sit by the side of one of the tracks.

    Go to Time Trial, World Tracks, Bathurst (Mount Panorama). When you go to the track, it starts you just before the final corner. Instead of going left where the track goes on the final turn, turn right in the opposite direction. There’s a road with a couple of walls. Behind the first wall is said stack of tyres. Drive into them. Wait for the Trophy to pop. If it helps locating them, there’s a big sign for dog food nearby.

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    Great list and tips so far. Here’s my 2 pence worth:

    Money is scarce, but now a value is given to every car in the game for re-sale (so far anyway). So, if you are struggling to save up for a shiny car (I need 2 million credits for a LeMans car to enter a series) then pillage your collection. Some of the prize cars I had won were worth 300,000 alone so it pays to have a look! This wasn’t the case in GT5, where you weren’t able to sell a lot of the cars, and reminds me of the early days of GT.

    The One-Make races offer little reward and I would avoid unless you happen to have a correct car in your garage already. If you don’t, it is worth saving your pennies for something else.

    Go grab your free VisionGT Mercedes as soon as possible! A quick car for no credits!

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