Review Policy Review Policy

In an effort to clarify a few things and just so that we’re all clear on the matter TSA is going to let you know how we classify our reviews.

We use a metric scale from 1 to 10 with every number being usable and every increment being equal. Each of our reviews is carried out by an individual who can only view a game based on their own personal opinions.

We proof-read and approve all of our reviews before they are published but everyone has slightly differing opinions on everything so we want you to know that each review we publish here on TSA is the opinion of an individual.

We recognised a while ago that a lot of our readers had become too used to the skewed rating system that reviewers have gradually adopted over the years. They were suggesting to us that 7/10 was a bad score despite the fact that it is clearly above the average rating in our scoring system.

This was not their fault; it was the fault of the reviewers for compressing their usable scales into the top two-thirds of their numeric systems. Here at TSA we like things to be simple for us to use and for you to understand so we’ve made a list which will hopefully explain our scale and what we mean by each rating.

  • 1/10 = Abysmal.
  • 2/10 = Extremely poor.
  • 3/10 = Poor.
  • 4/10 = Below average.
  • 5/10 = Average.
  • 6/10 = Above average.
  • 7/10 = Quite good.
  • 8/10 = Very good.
  • 9/10 = Excellent.
  • 10/10 = Unmissable.

Now that we have the messy business of numbers out of the way we would like to ask you not to pay too much attention to them.

We work really hard to write a good body of text that explains the positives and negatives we encounter when reviewing a game and we think you would get a much better indication of how we feel about that product by actually reading the words in our reviews.