Battlefield 1943

BF1943 Problems Investigated

(Update) Lost your rank, stats & badges and can’t access the Coral Sea map? Help will shortly be at hand.

Coral Sea Unlocked

During the night the PlayStation community racked up 43m kills, and not all of them were on me.

Coral Sea: Hands On

The Xbox 360 community get there first but are we missing out?

Review: Battlefield 1943

The best thing to have hit the PSN in a long time.

Battlefield 1943 Now Available On PS3

Fancy a wee taster before today’s big event? Head on over to your Japanese account.

Battlefield 1943 Will Have PlayStation Demo

(update) EA and DICE to offer PlayStation gamers a playable demo?

Battlefield 1943: 9th July

DICE’s multiplayer shooter lands next week.

Battlefield: PS3 Vs 360

As if Warhawk keeping me up till 3am every night wasn’t bad enough.