Sony To Release “Mastered In 4K” Blu-rays

But they’re still 1080p, which is not only confusing but potentially disruptive.

Toshiba Raises PS3 Dev Cost

Along with Mitsubishi, Thomson and Warner Bros.

Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray Set: £75

And it’s not even the Extended versions.

Zombieland Blu-Ray Bonus Theme

Hidden extra on the disc..

News Snatch: No Blu-Ray For Xbox

This Edition: Kill Babies, Win Prizes! Also, ‘Panty Punching’ and a handy sign for SquareEnix.

360 To Get Blu-ray Add-On

Hi-Def movie goodness winging its way to the 360?

3D Future Almost Upon Us?

You’ll need to buy a new TV to enjoy it though.

Toshiba Embrace Blu-ray

A little late to the party, the Japanese giant gets behind Blu-ray.

Blu-ray Sales Booming

The whole playing games thing is just smoke and mirrors, right?

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