E3 2011 Nintendo

Game Critic Awards: E3 Nominees

Our very own Joan Rivers previews the awards.

One Touchscreen Only Confirmed On Wii U

It’s my turn to have an analogue stick!

Nintendo E3 Trailer Round Up

Kirby, Mario & Sonic and more

IBM On Wii U’s CPU

For true hardware geeks only.

Nintendo 3DS E3 Trailer Catchup

The following contains 2D video of 3DS games.

Wii U Hardware: What We Know

Not a lot, just a little.

New Wii Announced – Called the Wii U

Uh oh, looks like another Revolution.

Kid Icarus: Uprising @ E3

Look at the size of that squadron!

Super Mario Announced for 3DS

We wonder if Mario ever gets tired of being Super.

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