AR Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel Announced

That isn’t just a load of random letters.

Exclusive: Dark Void Survivor Missions DLC Trophies

Seems like your favourite jetpack game will be receiving DLC… already!

Exclusive: Aliens vs. Predator Trophy List

Ready to kill some Marines? Let’s face it, they won’t be killing anything…

That Exclusive We Mentioned

Let’s pour water on those wildfires before things get out of hand.

Joker An Exclusive, Exclusive?

There is only one console on which you’ll ever be able to play as the Joker, apparently.

Exclusive: PS3 To Pick Up 360 Title

(update) Let the teasing begin…

Final Fantasy XIV Trailer

With Final Fantasy XIII still over the horizon we get our first look at its sequel.

Sony Announce New Exclusive

Another title joins the Play.Create.Share party. This time it’s a racer.

DLC Not 360 Only?

Sony boss hints at exclusive DLC coming to PS3… eventually