Kevin Butler On Eyepet

Watch your back puppies…

EyePet Move Edition: Patch Clarification

Can you download the Move Edition?

More Move Titles Named

Woman you’re nice, sweet, fan-tas-teek.

EyePet Patch Now Available

Want to watch a stranger play with his Pet? Well, now you can.

First Level: EyePet

Oscar hatches, and we teach a new monkey old tricks.

EyePet Press Kit Unboxing

There’s no fluffy monkey thing, sadly, but it’s still ace.

News Snatch: More Eyepet, Less GamesWipe

Tonights guests: U2, Beyonce and Will Smith.

EyePet Delayed In America

Pushed back to next year, Europeans rejoice.

Hands On: EyePet

Fluffy and cute, Eyepet’s going to be rather massive.

EyePet Trophy List

Aww he’s cute. Yes you are, yes you are…Ewww, go away you stinker!

EyePet Release Date

Want to know when you can get a cute monkey thing of your own?

ModNation Racers, EyePet Screens

Two of the best from Gamescom in one handy post.

Oh, Sony Are Changing The Boxarts, Then

Looks like the box designs are changing.

EyePet Signals New PS3 Box Design

Has EyePet’s box signalled a new range of PS3 artwork?

EyePet Confirmed!

The cutest thing ever to appear on any electrical equipment ever is US confirmed.

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