Financial Stuff

How Much Of The Video Games Market Is Digital?

Answer: Probably not enough to maintain its size.

Torrid Quarter For Sony – $2bn Net Loss

Kazuo Hirai will have his work cut out.

Sony FY10: Game Business Improves Results

PS3 sales fail to reach forecast.

Sony Cost PSN Hack

The estimated total so far is…

Nintendo Profits Down 66%

Maybe they should think about releasing a new console?

Sony Conference Call

We listened so you didn’t have to.

Forecast Debunks PSP2 Rumours

Generally positive news for Sony.

Sony Improves Forecast

Positive financial news from Sony?

Sony’s Q3 ’09 Conference Calls

PSP sales, new PS3 tweaks and Blu-ray.

Sony’s Q3 Results

Nikkei predicted a profit. Were they right?

Ubisoft Had A Tough Summer

Do any analysts still think the industry is recession proof?

PS3 Price Cut This Year Very Likely

Sony slashing prices on TVs, BluRay players and the “PlayStation consoles”. Does that include PS3?

Sony Sales Slide

(Updated) PS2 still doing okay though! Now with added conference call goodness.

Sony’s Financial Woes

Is that green shoots of recovery I see? No.