Move Fitness Announced

Moving for fitness. Again.

Gamescom Day One Round-up

It’s all about chu, Sony.

Assassin’s Creed 2 Gameplay

It’s all gameplay don’t you know, well… and shopping obviously (!)

Metal Gear Solid Timeline Confuses Kojima

If he doesn’t understand it, what hope do we have?

Lost Planet 2 Developer Chat

Developer talks past PS3 failure, gameplay, co-op, game engines and other developer type stuff.

Pirate Ship in Home

Arr me hearties. New screen from Xi team’s new Home space.

Kaz Hirai Speaks Openly About PlayStation

An interview with the head of SCE with a few interesting points.

LittleBigPlanet Water Beta Applications Open

Want water? Sign up for a beta and have a go.

Lost And Damned? No, It’s Not Coming

Let’s all backtrack a little bit.

Lost And Damned Playable On PS3

Word from Cologne is that the PS3 is getting some GTA DLC action soon.

Firmware 3.0 Release Confirmed

You’ll never guess when. Go on, have a go.

Watch Sony’s Presentation

A tale of one man’s struggles to the see the Sony conference.

PS3 Slim Ad Campaign

With a redesign and a price change comes an advertising campaign.

Gran Turismo PSP Has An Internal Camera

The portable racer just got even better.

Invizimals Live Action Goodness

Sanity check or one for the kids. You decide.

GamesCom: Konami Conference Round-up

Some MGS, some Castlevania, some PES and some other bits