God of War Ascension

August’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Revealed

Lara, Limbo, Stealth, Soundshapes, Castles & Kratos!

PlayBack: God of War Ascension

The God of War game we needed?

WeView Verdict: God of War: Ascension

Will Kratos be angry with your verdict?

WeView: God of War: Ascension

Did the game ascend to new heights?

God of War: Downfall of a Family

How they’re related, how they died and what their favourite colour is.

God Of War: Ascension May Perform Poorly At Retail

Maybe the GOW acronym has fallen out of fashion.

News Snatch: Super Hang-On, Fez On Vita, Deus Ex On Wii U And Sexist Publishers

Packed with so much news we only had to use a little bit of horsemeat to fill it out.

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