Corvette C7 Test Prototype Now Available In GT5 As Sony Repeats The GTR Tease

Fancy new car wrapped up in secrecy, but you can still drive it.

Too Many Games!

How many games is too many?


KB all up in your (radiator) grill.

Kaz Is Still Crazy About Those Skylines

[UPDATED] This should please nofi.

GT5 Reviews, PSP Phones and Me

Warning: Self Indulgent Blog.

Stunning New GT5 Trailer

Yes, another trailer, but wow, what a trailer!

GT5 Rally Mode In-Car Replay

Want to watch two men wriggling around in a car?

Real World Vs Gran Turismo

Import the real world into GT5, yes really!

Gran Turismo 5 Reminds You Who’s Boss

Is that 500,000 polygons in your trunk or are you just happy to see me?

GT5 Has ‘Real’ Cars

950 ‘real’ cars? Bargain!

GT5 “Fact Sheet”

A huge amount of information collected in one place. It is probably all correct but we can’t completely confirm it.

Transfer Cars From GT PSP To GT5

Plus confirmation of Gran Turismo 6. Sigh.

GT5: Weather and Damage Included

Gran Turismo 5 features according to Kaz, instead of being whispered on the winds.

GT5 Track List Leaked?

Will we see a major GT5 announcement at E3? Track list (all 94 of them) inside.