Guerrilla Games

“The Sony Of Today Is A Different Sony To Five Years Ago” – Guerrilla Technical Director

It’s all change at Sony, with everything seemingly moving in the right direction.

Guerrilla Games Working On New IP

Because there’s only so much kicking the Helghast in the face one studio can take.

Killzone 3 On The Way

CVG sources claim to know the score.

Is Guerrilla Shifting Focus to Killzone 3?

Guerrilla Games set to step back from Killzone 2.

Killzone 3 On The PS3?

Cautious use of punctuation was needed for this title.

Killzone 1.24 Patch Incoming

Well I must say. Bravo Guerrilla, bravo indeed. Fantastic patch coming soon.

Killzone 2 Patch Incoming

Guerrilla Games’ is releasing another patch very soon. Just lots of bug fixes really. Oh and bots are back.