Japan: New PS3 Models Now Official

Nothing to get excited about.

IBM On Wii U’s CPU

For true hardware geeks only.

Japan Getting Official PS3 Keyboard

Rest of world drums fingers impatiently.

Wii U Hardware: What We Know

Not a lot, just a little.

Slim losing more weight?

Less dense, but will still do everything.

Toshiba Raises PS3 Dev Cost

Along with Mitsubishi, Thomson and Warner Bros.

PS4 To Use A Power7 CPU?

Today’s random PlayStation 4 hardware rumour.

CNet: 47% Of Xbox 360s RROD Within A Year

RROD, YLOD and WiiWaveyStickOfDeath. Or something.

European 250 Gig Bundles Revealed?

Slimmer PS3, Fatter hard drive, Slimmer Wallet.

360 Getting New WiFi Adaptor

Faster wireless networking soon to be available for your Xbox 360.

Toshiba Upping PS3 Storage Limit

Toshiba has broken the 500GB two-platter limit on 2.5″ drives.