Industry News

EA Responds To Fox’s Comments

British soldiers not to feature in Medal of Honor.

Defense Secretary Says No To Medal of Honor

Arthritis epidemic following MOH induced knee jerking.

Sony To Post Profit

The drinks are on them.

GAME Rethinks Xbox 360 Trade In Price

More like a rethink of a rethink.

Gaming Linked To ADHD In Children?

Tabloids twisting the truth?

PS3 and 360 Sales Gap Narrows

The race for second heats up.

Blockbuster UK Being Sold

Retail arm only affected.

Wii Are Not Impressed

Dice boss attacks Nintendo.

Analyst Predicts Great Things For PS3 In 2010

Sony has ben saying it since day one, Analysts now agree.

Sainsburys Kill Indies

360s and Wiis for less than a bag of apples. Independent stores ‘not happy’.