Michael Pachter

Pachter Reckons PS4 Can Render Games At 240 FPS

Four times the power. But is this likely?

Analyst: Xbox 720 Will Cost $99

And some bold claims on SmartGlass.

Pachter: Pay For Online Gaming

‘Activision must lead with Black Ops’

Pachter: ‘Xbox Platinum Subscriptions’

“I don’t actually know where prices are going”

Modern Warfare 2 Makes Over $300 Million In One Day

Can’t wait to see their books after a week.

News Snatch: Crystal Balls

Warning: Contains excessive innuendo.

News Snatch: More Eyepet, Less GamesWipe

Tonights guests: U2, Beyonce and Will Smith.

The End Of Consoles?

If OnLive works then there’s no need for a console. If there’s no need for a console, where does that leave Sony?