PAIN Developers Victims Of “Sony Budget Cuts”?

Idol Minds facing job cuts, sources say.

Pain Confirmed For Blu-Ray

Seems we were right: expect PAIN on disk next week.

Pain To Come Out On Blu-ray

Looks like a greatest hits, if you’ll excuse the pun. No? Ah, well.

Pain Gets Sore Spots

This article ends with a really poor pun. Honestly, I’m staggered by just how weak it is. You have been warned.

Some of Today’s PSN Content

Yes, I’d like to hurt you. I’d like to beat you savagely but I’ll make do with Pain.

Street Fighters In Pain

Will the Street Fighter clan be appearing alongside the Hoff? Seems so.

The Hoff In Pain

Knight Rider gets strapped into the Pain catapult. No, really.

Pain Goes Hollywood

New trailer shows Hollywood Studio. More Trophies, then?

Pain Trophies Delayed

Trophies made easier to get, but the wait for them gets harder.

Fat Bloke In Pain

Look, a fat guy, a rapper and a Japanese schoolgirl. Launching soon.

Pain Updated

New adverts on billboards, unless we’re mistaken (hungover).

Pain Park Trailer

Amusement Park, Trophy support, multiplayer modes. Pain grows up.

Amusement Park, Trophies

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