Tribes: Ascend Stayin’ Alive Patch Goes Live, Stays Live

Brute weaponry, chaser validity and in-game video content.

Bethesda ‘Backwards Dragons Fixed Next Week’

Patch the dragon, less well known brother of Puff.

RDR Patched

Invisible horses fixed, Demonic horses still present.

Assassins Creed Patch Today

If you have a PS3, 360 owners have to wait another day.

Patch This

Lay beside me, tell me what they’ve done.

Ratchet And Clank: ACiT Patch Coming Soon

Patch incoming for our favourite lombax, but nothing to do with DLC.

Fat Princess Grows With Free Map

Update 1.03 brings game fixes, new map & demo.

Ghostbusters’ Missing Pixels Found?

Patch released to reduce the PS3 version’s pixel count deficit amongst other things.

Trophy Patches

A look into the growing trend of adding Trophies after initial release.

Killzone 2 Patch Tomorrow

I think this era may be known as the patch-work-quilt age. Has anyone got any thread left?

LBP Edam Patch Tonight

Enjoy a bit of Edam, as LBP patch goes live tonight at 9PM GMT.

Eden Patch Dated, Encore Coming

Trippy grimping finally getting easier to complete just before new bits to challenge you arrive.

LBP Mod Issues Over?

Media Molecule have some good news, our brilliant forums find it for me.

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