Price Cuts

Sunday Thoughts: Price Wars

Just where will they leave us?

Official: Xbox Elite Drops to £199

“There has never been a better time to purchase an Xbox 360” say Microsoft.

Microsoft Prepping £199 Elite

We’ll see your price cut and raise you one of our own, says man. Possibly.

360 Price Cut Incoming?

It’s not just Sony who leak things . . .

PS3 Price Cut: August 10th, Slim: August 30th?

Retailers across Europe to reduce PS3 (and a game) to 299€, or less.

RTL: “PS3 Price Drop Soon”

And not just on the standard model either – but one that’s “thinner”…

PS3 Price Drop

“No plans” says Nobuyuki Oneda. In Japanese, we’d imagine. No, we’re sure.