PS2 Production Ceases Worldwide, Thoughts Now On PS4

It’s all over for PlayStation 2, but that means there’s a handy gap for the PlayStation 4 – and the dates match up nicely.

Sony TV Packs A PS2!

Possible solution to your backwards compatibility needs.

A Night With Some PS2 Demo Disks

Evil sharks, leg monsters, and Disney boobs.

Sony Hint At PS2 Games On PSN

Koller’s teasing the masses, so to speak.

PS2 Compatibility: Not Happening

Koller confirms that we’re not getting Ico on our PS3.

Patent Filed for Graphics Synthesizer Emulation?

Graphics Synthesizer now being emulated, apparently.

John Koller On The PlayStation Brand

SCEA’s John Koller is continuing to provide commentary on Sony’s plans for its two smaller black consoles.

PS2 Price Cut Not For UK

Sony rub salt in the wound. The wound on the old leg we’ve had replaced and now works much better.

PSN to be global?

No more delays for Euopean Store and lots of rubbish due for PS2