Resident Evil 5

Motion Controller Gets A List of Titles

Resident Evil, LittleBigPlanet, and is that Ape Escape?

Resident Evil 5 Versus Now Available

Guess what? We reckon it was already on the disk all along – grab your £3.99 unlock now.

Capcom Bite Back At DLC Woes

Resident Evil 5: Flame Warz. A tale of DLC, dupes, dough and down right dirtiness.

Japanese Software Charts

Good news for fans of Playstation and biological catastrophe. Bad news for the 360.

Resi 5 DLC Revealed?

Capcom accidentally reveal upcoming DLC via the PS3’s in-game Trophies.

Home’s New Resident

The Home improvements continue, with a new extension coming soon. Very soon.

Resi 5 & SF IV Coming Home

Home receives Capcom support as Resi 5 & SFIV stuff come to home.

Resident Evil 5 Lands

Demo now available for your shiny black PS3, click for information.

Resi 5 Demo: Dated

Trying to be heard in the cacophony of Killzone hype? Release a demo.

Resi 5 Demo Dated

No bells and whistles, just news. Okay maybe a few bells.

Resi 5 News Update

TSA finally updates on Resident Evil 5 after our exclusive reveal last week.

Resident Evil 5 Demo

(update 2) Demo of latest Resident Evil coming on December 5th.

Capcom Date Games

Resident Evil 5 dated, and loads of others not really dated at all.

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