UK Games Sales Drop 40% Year On Year

Batman the best selling game, but it’s not a pretty picture.

Lunchtime Discussion: Online Or High Street

They have shops on the internet now? Whatever next?

Is the Economy Back to Boom?

Signs that things are getting better at retail may signal improvements all round.

GW: Gaming Abroad

A guest writer piece that is really unique to TSA and something to think about before the Store update.

Grainger Games Expanding

Regional games retailer going national and planning further expansion.

Quarter of UK Homes Own Consoles

Uk retail doing well, sales up, people staying in with video games. The geek shall inherit the earth.

Games Saving Retail

People who buy video games are saving the economy. You’re all like superheroes really.

Games4U! Really…

Now you can get your Call of Duty and a new call plan!

Gamestation Half Price Sale

Retailer turns what once was just “crap” into “cheap crap”.