Trine 4 Unofficially Confirmed

One Third Of A Circle 4 is what it should be called.

Trine 2: Spring 2011

Online co-op joins the fantasy party.

Trine Demo Today For EU PSN

Get your two free levels here!

Trine Conjuring a Patch

Optimising a great PSN title? I’ll talk about that!

Trine Lands Stateside On October 22nd

And great sales news from the European release.

First Level: Trine

Hands on with one of the PS3’s most hyped games this year.

Trine Out This Thursday

Frozenbyte’s big PS3 title ready to go.

Exclusive: Trine Trophies

More trophies than you can shake a wand at.

Sony Say Trine Is Coming This Week

(Update) They might want to delete that tweet.

Trine Stuck In QA Limbo

We probably won’t see it for ages.

Trine Soundtrack Lands – PS3 Version “Coming Soon”

And you don’t need three hands to listen to it.

Updates On Trine, MGS1 For EU Store

Trine delayed so it runs better on the PS3. Plus Gamescom news.

Trine Delayed

Frozenbyte’s much anticipated PSN title has been visited by our old friend, Mr. Delay

Trine Pricing Is Baffling

[Update] Revised price. Twenty quid no longer equals twenty dollars in Sonyland.

Trine: A Not So Trine-y Price

(Updated) Trine pricing is out. You may not like it but it could be worse. And about that co-op…

Trine Coming Soon

Captivating new physics based puzzler-come-platformer gets a Demo and release date.

E3’s Biggest Joy: Trine

It’s like Lost Vikings all over again: new screens.

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