Tweak It

Tweak It: Fallout 3/New Vegas

Making the nuclear wasteland a nicer place.

Tweak It: PlayStation Move

You’ve had a year to think of these.

Tweak It: DualShock 3

Time to grapple with a controller.

Tweak It: Halo 3

Say Halo to some more FPS tweaking.

Tweak It: Killzone 3

How would you improve PS3’s signature FPS?

Tweak It: Forza 3

A great racer with strong community features. How would you improve it?

Tweak It: Gran Turismo 5

How would you improve The Real Driving Simulator?

Tweak It: Xbox 360 NXE

Time to shine your critical light on the other console.

Tweak It: PSN Store

How could Sony encourage you to spend more?

Tweak It: PS3 GameOS

How would you improve its existing features?