white knight chronicles

Sony Set To Switch Off The White Knight Chronicles And Buzz! Servers

Adds to the list of multiplayer game modes that don’t work any more.

WKC 2 Requires You To Play WKC 1?

No skipping allowed in White Knight Chronicles.

Review: White Knight Chronicles

Our huge and comprehensive review.

White Knight Chronicles gets free DLC

Users in the US to get free DLC Quests.

First Level: White Knight Chronicles

This year’s first PS3 RPG.

White Knight Chronicles: The Lulz

Funny little fan-made commercial.

White Knight Chronicles Lands February 26th

PS3’s first major RPG coming next month.

White Knight Chronicles Release Date

But can you guess which region it’s for?

White Knight Chronicles GamesCom Trailer

Whilst a sequel is in development, we await the original

White Knight Top Of Charts

The PS3’s first JRPG of note tops the Japanese sales charts.

Pacific Rift and WKC Screens

Your grandad becomes a White Knight, drives off-road.

WKC: Online Play Confirmed

The best bits of True Fantasy Live Online and PSO combine for PS3 exclusive.