xbox 720

Microsoft Gears Up For Next Console – Xbox 360 Interactivity And “Tons Of Exclusives”

Cross platform compatibility could help set Microsoft apart from the PS4.

Rumour: New Xbox Delayed Into 2014 Due To 10 Year Sony Exclusive On Blu-ray Playback

Does Sony have the exclusive rights to console-based Blu-ray functionality, preventing Microsoft from releasing this year?

Rumour: Microsoft First Parties “Six Months Behind” On Next-Gen Games

That might explain why they’re apparently buying up exclusives like Respawn’s Titan.

What To Expect At The Next Gen Xbox Reveal In May

What we think we know and what we think they might want to show.

Microsoft Hints At E3 For 720 Reveal, Sells 1.3 Million 360s In The Last Three Months

“The Xbox has great momentum. And with E3 only a few months away, we look forward to sharing more soon.”

More Always On Xbox Rumours, Capcom Loves The Idea And How The 720 Gets Backwards Compatibility

Network based service models will be a huge thing next generation – even if the PS4 and 720 don’t support it across the board, individual games will require it, on both consoles.

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