Moore Promises PS3 Sports Games To Be 60fps

Despite the 360 version of Madden 08 running at 60fps, the PS3 version didn’t, and only managed half that. Thankfully ex Xbox dude Peter Moore has promised that starting with NBA Live 08, all EA sports titles will run at 60fps. This, sadly, doesn’t include all EA games, so Skate will still run at 30, but next year’s Madden, Tiger etc will all run at the same speed as their 360 equivalents.

“I see the issue going away with NBA Live 08. I think that we had a little bit of a mea culpa, but we’re getting up to speed on the platform. But that’s in the past. And beginning with NBA, we’re going to see PS3 titles from EA Sports running at 60 frames a second. So all of that’ll be forgotten by the holiday”, said Moore.