AM2 to PS3 – You Ain’t Getting Shit

Kikizo have interviewed the AM2 guys Tohru Murayama, Hitoshi Iizawa and Nobuyuki Minato on the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5, PS3 launch game. Although the team are clear that online play will be laggy, especially if you’re not playing against people from your own city, and they do say the load times will be longer for most stages (due to no hard drive on the 360) it would still be nice of them to offer us PS3 version owners a little patch so we can get online too.

However, this isn’t going to happen.

Kikizo: So, would you now also consider upgrading the PS3 version, with Version C improvements and items, or online play? You could maybe do this via the PlayStation Network?

Murayama: Frankly, we have no plan to update the PS3 version like that, for online versus mode or Version C.

Smashing, thanks for that.