EyeCreate Software For PlayStation Eye

EyeToy was awesome on the PS2, but the ropey online service meant it never reached its potential. However, the PSN is now also awesome and we know the new PlayStation Eye will be too. We mentioned this a few days ago, but Sony will be launching the EyeCreate when the PlayStation Eye launches.

The cool thing here is that you can make your own videos, using both the movie mode of the camera and its built-in microphone array. You might even get to a TSA pod/video cast in the near future. Follow the link above and tell us below what you think the videos are about before you play them.


We think:

1. Cartoon pornography of devils going at it.
2. Some random is clearly about to bare his backside.
3. Classic hostage situation, they’re about to read out how well treated they are and that no abuse has taken place. Secretly, we think it’s the EA headquarters and the video is a promo trying to debunk that overtime debacle.