PS3 Catches Xbox 360

If you take a look at vgchartz and do a small amount of elimentary maths, you’ll discover that the PS3 consumer sales (consoles sold to the consumer, not consoles sold to retail outlets) Worldwide were only 19,000 consoles short of the Xbox 360s last month. If you interpret this in the way any sane person would, it would seem that Sony is catching up to the 360 already – and we haven’t seen the likes of MGS 4 or LBP yet.

If you consider the strong line-up of games that has been announced for PS3 in 2008 (what with the aforementioned games, plus Haze, a better version of Devil May Cry 4 and sequels to both Motorstorm and Resistance) it looks like Sony are going to be selling far more PS3s in the year to come. Of course, it could be an anomaly, but why would we believe that?

Here’s the list of console sales through December:

DS: 8,687,000
Wii: 4,400,000
PSP: 2,823,000
360: 2,385,000
PS3: 2,366,000

As you can see, the Wii dominated the consoles (though Nintendo were having problems getting enough consoles built and out for supply) and was second only to the DS, whilst the PSP did surprisingly well, finishing its best selling year yet, apparently. But with such a small difference between the PS3 and 360, and with the PS3 having such an impressive line-up for 2008, we can expect Sony to step out of 2008 as the clear victor, having sold more PS3’s than Microsoft could brainwash new fanboys – erm, I mean, sell 360s.

Figures are approximate, but considered reliable enough to be a good estimate.