Rumour Crusher (x3)

I’m about to shine some light onto three dark PS3-related rumours for you, courtesy of Sony.

First up; is the ceramic white PS3 coming to America? No it’s not. Sony say “we are comfortable with our current two sku strategy,” So, that’s the end of that.

Second, there’s the rumours of a $100 price cut, also in America. Don’t feel too bad, UK Playstationers, the $100 price cut rumour is exactly that – a rumour. It’s not true, so don’t get too excited about it; Sony say it’s “purely rumor and speculation.”

Now, the third rumour is game related, and not only America-upsetting. You may have heard that Ninja Gaiden 2 could be coming to the PS3? You haven’t? How convenient – allow me to explain; EGM magazine had scans in their latest issue that apparently showed that Ninja Gaiden 2 was, indeed, coming to PS3.

Well, this wasn’t true either. EGM stated later that it was a mistake on their end, provoked by late-night deadlines and such, and not malicious in the slightest.

However, we are yet to hear word on the discontinuation of the 80gb Playstation 3, due to poor sales not reaching a target of some kind, but I’d hazard a guess that Sony’d deny that too.

So there you go, TSA-ers, you’re marginally more knowing than those who haven’t read this article. Go forth and spread the word!