[update] Siren Remake Announced

Originally surfacing on GAF late yesterday, this mysterious countdown on the Japanese PlayStation site is clearly referencing the next Siren game, given the Japanese ‘SA’ character in the background (as in SA-I-RE-N). People of a nervous disposition should avoid the site, mind, given the “this is some fucked up shit” language… Never played a Siren game (prefixed ‘Forbidden’ over here)? Check out this commercial for the first one:

More on Friday, we assume, as that’ll be when the countdown expires, but we reckon it’s a remake of the first Siren, not a true sequel.

Update: Yep, it’s a remake. Famitsu this week has the scoop: it’s a PS3 exclusive, and is aiming at a July 24th release date with a demo next week.

Update 2: Akayuki has the scans.