Around The Web: 27/06/08

We try to cover all the juicy stuff here on TheSixthAxis, but obviously a fair bit of stuff slips the net, so to speak.

Well, worry no longer, because every Friday lunchtime we bring you a complete round up of all the week’s news that we didn’t directly feature on the site, in a lovely little list of HREFs that are guaranteed to make your IT department quiver at the knees.


This week:

Home 0.9.6 video from Sony’s conference.
RipTen misquote CliffyB on IGN and cause havoc.
The DailyMail goes crazy after boy found hanged after parents hide Wii.
Fake E3 Fansite decides Doom 4 isn’t coming to PS3.
Gates retires, no havoc caused, but plenty of bitter tears are shed.
PS3 sales up, 360 sales down says GameRush.
PS3 Network goes down and comes back up again, causing havoc.
Nuts says Christian Bale will play Solid Snake. Nuts.
Microsoft announce that their E3 will be game changing.
Firmware 2.36 apparently plugs pirate hole for lonely pirates.
Dutch site PS3Focus steal Gamercards, causing havoc in my Friends List.
CRI Middleware claims to cut PS3 load times by half.
EA responds to Orange Petition, say they won’t patch PS3 Half Life.
Someone’s better than us at MGS 4. Much.

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