FragFX – FPS Controller

Here at TSA we need every advantage we can get when playing FPS games.  nofi’s recent suggestion that, “If we kill them IN REAL LIFE first, do you think we’ll win?” was considered with some seriousness at TSA Towers, before we realised that it wasn’t actually raining, and stabbings in the dry aren’t really cricket.

So, with that plan scuppered we turned our attention to the grubbily titled provider of PS3 FPS gear, SplitFish, and their highly rated FragFX controller.  It will be making an appearance at Leipzig later in the month, along with some of Europe’s finest FPS players to demonstrate it.  There’s been some sort of mix-up over our invitation, but I’m sure we’ll get that sorted in time.


The FragFX is a two-piece combo of motion stick and mouse and is supposed to provide gamers with incredibly accuracy and unmatched levels of control.  Indeed, IGN Gear rated it 9.1 saying, “…the best controller we have tested on the PS3.”  And, to prove the point, SplitFish team members gained the No. 1 spot on the PS3 Call of Duty 4 global leaderboards.

Fragtastic indeed.

Check SplitFish’s website for more info, but beware of speedy projectiles.