A Variety Of Info!

Variety has an article containing a variety (*snort*) of info about a couple of recent games.

Army of Two is to get a sequel.  I know, this is as surprising as the, ahem, anouncement that Motorstorm 3 is in the works.  But anyway, Army of Two is to get another shot at the limelight.  We think it should be called Army of Tutu.


Also in the article is Dead Space, which was released about 14 seconds ago.  Apparently the sequel is already ‘…in the works…’ – surprised much?

More interestingly is the news that EA is talking to movie studios about a Dead Space film.  Although lots of games are mooted for a film crossover, Dead Space does seem like great fodder for a move to the big screen.  No doubt it would be compared to Alien – and not favourably either – but we compare most every film to Alien so we’re not bothered.

Then there’s some other rubbish about Dead Space novels and toys.

And that concludes my TSA contribution for the month of October.  Tune in next month when I’ll be bringing you exlcusive coverage of the Delamere Forest Husky Rally.