No New SSX Games

Peter Moore, the man with a plan at EA Sports, spoke to ESPN recently.  Anyone who’s a big fan of the Street series of games, or the millions of gamers that loved the SSX titles, should look away now.  Back?  Right, gotcha – we’re still going to make you read this.

“We’ll still do traditional sports, but we’re going to do them a different way,” Moore said. “Street is a good example. We built a new Freestyle brand to do different things, and we also need to build our own intellectual properties. We rely on other people’s IP for everything we do and we need to develop some new things.”


And SSX?  “In the old days we had things like SSX that were our own intellectual property, but since then we’ve kind of moved away from that. We need a mixture of experiences that are not only for the hardcore, ‘it’s in the game’ crowd.”  Doesn’t sound good, but it gets worse:  “If Wii Sports has taught us anything, it’s that people will sit there and play big head tennis all day long.”

People will, yeah, but not us, Peter, we want SSX.  “We need to have something for that sports fan who might not necessarily be a sports gamer,” he concludes, “but who wants that 15-minute experience without having to struggle on how to use the controller.”  Oh for fuck’s sake.